British Anti-Trump supporters took to the bridges across London on January 20th, the day of Trump’s inauguration. The same protest was held throughout the UK on the same day in other parts of the UK including Brighton, Cardiff, Leeds and Scotland.

They displayed banners with ”MIGRANTS WELCOME HERE” and ”QUEER SOLIDARITY SMASHES BOARDERS”. The event was organised by ‘#Bridgesnotwalls’ – a Left leaning organisation based around the UK that believes in free boarders and has ties to supporting the violence from Black Lives Matter and LGBT communities.

migrant banners1 300x192 Anti Trump Protest in London, UK  migrant banners3 300x217 Anti Trump Protest in London, UK

So far there has been one report surrounding violence during the event. A man wearing a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat was assaulted in Leeds, UK by a member of the LGBT group that attended. The man who committed the assault has been reported as stating that Trump wants to ‘put gay people in camps’.

migrant banners4 300x194 Anti Trump Protest in London, UK  migrant banners5 300x198 Anti Trump Protest in London, UK




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