Immigration does not have to have such negative consequences as we, the western world has allowed. When controlled, immigration can be beneficial to cultures in both social and economic areas. It’s when it becomes uncontrollable it becomes a problem.

‘Racist’ is a buzzword that feminists and social justice warriors alike use to describe anyone who remotely disagrees with the current refugee/immigrant crisis that the Western world is facing. Yes, a small portion of people who are against immigration are racist, I am not denying it.

But speaking for myself and many other people who consider themselves conservative, right wing or ‘alt-right’ are advocating for controlled immigration and the conservation of Western culture that is currently being overridden by backwards culture from the East.

A lot of legal immigrants coming to Europe and the US are willing to go through the government, fill out the necessary papers and want to live in harmony with the citizens of the country they are immigrating to. I for one believe that if you are coming to live in a different culture, you need to be prepared to shape yourself, let yourself mould into the culture you are now living in and embrace their laws and customs instead of fighting it. If I was an immigrant going to another European country or even somewhere such as Asia, I would expect myself to adhere to their customs, values and follow their laws.

In comparison, the 30 million illegal immigrants (Liberals want you to call them ‘undocumented’) that came into the US last year alone have no room to give out the tolerance they receive from us.

Europe has been most affected by illegal immigrant behaviour such as sexual violence towards citizens, child sex trafficking, raping boys in swimming pool changing rooms and violence against elderly citizens. Europe is seemingly too tolerant to do much about it, so it’s up to the US to use its patriotic strength to save Western civilisation. But of course, being patriotic is racism in its purest form these days.

Millions of Americans are convinced that by letting in millions of immigrants who have no respect for Western values they will not see the same fate as my Europe that is crumbling around me.

Here are some examples of how Europe is suffering:

Here is a video of a migrant attacking a mother and her two children for getting in his way on a Subway staircase.

Here is a video of a migrant gang attacking a bus in Paris in the name of Allah.

Here is a video of a TV camera team getting attacked by migrants.

Being in Europe right now is very tense. I myself have seen the number of crimes committed by ‘tan skinned bearded males’ who turn out to be illegal immigrants, rise dramatically. I have been nervous walking home in the dimming winter light. I have watched my female friends buy pepper spray and hold their keys in their fists, because a young girl was beaten just around the corner last week.

I have also witnessed firsthand the hiding of illegal immigrants that I won’t go into now. I have been personally victimized by the immigrant who spoke no English on the bus who thought it was ok to put his hand in my bag when I wasn’t looking.

I read about the two gay couples in one week who got beaten for holding hands in the street.

Read those articles, watch those videos and do your own research and then tell me we should not be concerned. Another favourite non argument of the left is calling the right ‘literally Hitler’. Wanting to preserve your country and culture is not the kind of hatred and intolerance that Hitler was. If you ask me, the tactics of these immigrants who are vocal about bringing down Western civilisation, and use tactics such as violence and fear mongering are more like Hitler than I could ever be.

Feminists, I have one question for you: Where do you think all of this tolerance will lead? Because it certainly will not let you carry on having it so good. I know you don’t want to hear this but women are the most privileged percentage in society currently and we have never had it so good.  The wage gap myth has been busted, as there is a law stating that you cannot earn less than a man for the same job. In this same act, as a woman you are allowed to go for any job that a man would. But for the record we generally chose not to. Who wants equality if it means working in a sewer or dying on a construction site? Am I right, ladies?

Women also actually have more rights than men do. Women are more protected when it comes to protective procedures such as sexual harassment. As well as being more likely to believe when you accuse a man of rape or abuse. You also have thousands of women’s shelters to go to if you need. Whereas in the UK there are only four men’s domestic abuse shelters. And they aren’t funded, by the way.

And lastly, you have the right to be a slut and have sex with which gender you prefer.  You go and get that abortion for free. You don’t have to have children, you’re a free woman! Don’t want to get married either? No problem. Why have a husband and a family when you can have an abortion, a dog and a tub of ice cream?

But that doesn’t matter if Islam takes over Western culture. You won’t be allowed to get a job nor have multiple sexual partners (you’ll probably get stoned to death for that).


You cannot be tolerant of a hateful and backwards culture and have it all. You cannot have your tolerance cake and eat it. It’s one or the other, feminists. What would you prefer?




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