This was inspired by Paul Joseph Watson’s statement on the Channel 4 news piece about the alt-right that I and four other young people were featured in. Please also read my statement here about the experience. And finally, here is a link to a statement from one of the other partakers.

I have always been a little sceptical of the right wing’s opinion about ‘fake news’ – the ‘mainstream media’s agenda’. A lot of people in the right wing community completely distrust what the mainstream media report and believe that the companies that are part of it (BBC, CNN, Channel 4 to name a few) are using their left wing agenda to bring down the right. Honestly, despite seeing what they mean after watching a few videos and noticing bias in some areas, I thought that everyone was over reacting a little bit. Because after all, there are plenty of ‘right wing’ news sources now that pride themselves on looking at news from a neutral perspective.

I’m now deciding to detract my original thoughts because of my personal experience with Channel 4, a popular UK news outlet.

Just before Christmas, I was recommended by a friend to a production company who had been assigned by Channel 4 to film a short news piece focusing on young people in what the media calls ‘the alt right’. The filmmaker, GHarper got in contact with me and we soon discussed on the phone what my general opinions are and what work I do on the website (blackpigeonspeaks). Of course I was careful and conscious of the fact that this could all go very wrong. I’d like to mention at this point that I was assured that it was going to be a ‘fair’ piece to ‘get my perspective’.

We arranged to meet to film soon after Christmas. We filmed for about 4 hours and I feel that I spoke very well and managed to share my thoughts on a range of topics. I like to think I’m quite clever and quite the blossoming businesswomen, considering my editor status at BPS so I did catch GH out on a few things she asked and refused to answer. I also made a special effort to not talk about anything I wasn’t completely knowledgeable about, so that it would minimise the chances of being used to make me seem dumb.

After an afternoon filming we said goodbye and that was that. What I said was in GH’s hands now.

Someone can be as nice as pie, but still show certain signs of tactics they use to get more information out of you. If you haven’t, please read my statement that explains the borderline misconduct on getting personal information out of me.

The piece was quite frankly – a mess. From the warning beforehand from the news reader saying that there may be ‘offensive content’ I knew this. When I saw ‘Mein Kampf’ in the background of a dingy bedroom and when I heard my edited words to make me say ‘I’m a feminist’ I knew that there was no going back and I just had to roll with it. This is without mentioning the blatent setup to make Jack Buckby, the studio guest look like a complete twat and the awful right wing news reader calling us ‘losers with laptops’.

I feel compelled to write this to warn others that despite how much precaution you take, how clever you are and how nice the filmmaker is – you will get targeted.

This is a confession that as a member of the right wing, I was made to look bad (as were my on screen counterparts). I was told that this would be unbiased, I was told that my words would not be cut and edited and I was told that I would have to sign release papers. Which for the record, I did not. I wasn’t shown the tape beforehand as promised, either.

The mainstream media cannot and will not be trusted by many more after this. I have reached out to GH to ask her why lawyers needed my personal history and why I was edited so much but there has been no reply.

I guess she is trying to wash the blood stains off her hands.

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