I know moments like these are very rare , but i found a feminist actually protesting real women’s oppression, a chess master too of all things! couldn’t have been a better example of what real feminism should be – Rumor 

As one of the most successful women to ever play the male-dominated game of chess, Nazi Paikidze is used to having her moves watched closely.

Her latest has drawn international attention: Paikidze announced last week that she will boycott February’s Women’s World Chess Championship in Iran because the players will have to wear hijabs.

Paikidze’s decision will deprive the tournament of one of the game’s brightest stars and biggest draws — the U.S. champion who once told a magazine she would “do everything I can to help more girls get into chess.”

Paikidze also launched a campaign on Change.org demanding that the World Chess Federation reconsider Iran as a host for the women’s championship.

“These issues reach far beyond the chess world,” the petition says. “While there has been social progress in Iran, women’s rights remain severely restricted. This is more than one event; it is a fight for women’s rights.”

The petition has been signed by more than 3,000 people



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