High profile celebrities are spending a lot of their time recently talking about how important it is for girls and young women to feel confident in themselves and empowered in the name of feminism.

But what about young men? Who is calling for the empowerment of young boys? Who is encouraging young men to achieve?  to feel less insecure?. No one. And it’s about time somebody did.

While Selena Gomez is busy reciting a script on ‘empowering young girls’, male suicide rates are double female rates and are on the rise. Statistically, men aged been 29 and 40 are more likely to die from suicide than from cancer, heart disease or a road accident.

There is no doubting that suicide is a serious issue no matter what gender it affects. However, female suicides are in fact on the decline while male suicides are at the highest since 1981 and still rising.

Could It have anything to do with the concentration on female mental health from the media and celebrity world?


Most chart topping songs these days are women singing about how empowered they are and there are ‘anti body shaming’ ads for women’s clothing on every billboard. And while it’s good for young girls to feel confident and want to achieve, it’s culturally unhealthy to look over young men. Society just expects them to live up to their absurdly high standards set by women.

In fact, we are already starting to see the effect of this. Young men are the least achieving in schools, leading to having less motivation. Less and less young men want to go to college to get higher degrees and don’t think that they have the ability to get a good job. This is why there are so many unemployed young men.


This isn’t about shaming women for feeling confident or not wanting women to achieve – this is about the severity and burning issue of men’s health that is starting to have a knock on effect on our society.

Modern feminism hasn’t got any room for the empowerment of young men. So, we need to fight it. We need to fight for the equal encouragement and empowerment of young men without taking it away from young women.




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