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Today, March 25th, is celebrated world wide by the Greek Community.

This day marks the beginning of the 8 and a half year struggle to secure freedom from Turkish Muslim rule. With everything going on in Europe today, the lessons of this day are more pertinent than ever.

Europe Has Forgotten

Many Europeans have no idea that their ancestors had to fight (and fight hard) for 1400+ years against Islamic aggression.

But do you know who hasn’t forgotten? (Hint: the people settling and attacking Europe at the moment).

There was no mistaking Islam as the “Religion of Peace” back then. Our ancestors recognized Islam as an ideology based on domination; of violent and aggressive expansion.

The whole of North Africa, the Levant, and Anatolia were strongholds of Christianity for hundreds of years. That is, before these areas were conquered by Islamic forces. You won’t find many Christians left in these areas today.

Huge parts of Europe were conquered and under Islamic rule for hundreds of years.

Islam in Europe Greek War Of Independence And The Modern Parallel Of Europe

The Byzantine Empire, which was once a large Christian Empire ruled mostly by Greek and Greek speaking peoples, was officially conquered in 1453 with the sacking of Constantinople.

For 2 days after the taking of the city, the Muslim Ottoman troops were legally (by decree of their Sultan) allowed to loot, rape, and pillage the city. They also slaughtered and killed thousands of the Greek inhabitants of Constantinople.

The Greeks and other Christians were treated as subjugated people.

Islamic rule for Europeanas under the Ottoman Empire was not a pleasant existence.

-They had to pay a Jizya; which is a tax for being non-Muslim in an Islamic society.

-Only Muslims were legally allowed to ride a horse.

-They would take male born children from Christian villages, and bring them to Constantinople to raise them in their elite Janissary units. Imagine knowing that the elite military units of your Islamic rulers were your own children; now converted to Islam, being used against you.

In the past, millions of Europeans were captured by Muslims and taken as slaves. Of course, you won’t hear this from your schools, teachers, or the Corporate Media, as it doesn’t play into their paradigm of ‘White Guilt’; only Whites and Europeans are capable of being bad.

barbary slave trade Greek War Of Independence And The Modern Parallel Of Europe Barbary Pirates selling European Women

white slaves Greek War Of Independence And The Modern Parallel Of Europe European woman sold as a slave

What Is Happening In Europe

Islam has a long and brutal history of attempting to conquer and subjugate Europe. Europeans only recently gained the upper hand with their huge advancements in technology, specifically military technology.

Also notice that the huge ‘Refugees Welcome’ movement was mostly taking place in countries that weren’t ever under Islamic rule.

Now, in the Present Year, Islamic forces are once again in Europe; most people just don’t realize what is going on.

We must realize a few things.

1. The Attacks in Paris, Brussels, London, and Germany

The attacks were not random acts of violence. Societies that do not have large Muslims populations do not have Muslim terorist attacks (Japan has no Islamic terrorist attacks). These attacks were meant to do a few different things.

  • Strike terror and fear in the European people
  • Show the West that they are capable and can put up a fight
  • Signal to their own Muslim people that they are for real and are strong

Most people miss this last point. Western Europe has millions of Muslims living there, and they know their numbers are only increasing every day.

By ISIS showing signs of strength, this signals to other Muslims that they should also join in and support their cause (of a Caliphate in Europe). Either to radicalize their children, to join ISIS, or to help ISIS like the Muslims in Moolenbeek did. (They helped to hide the person that organized the Paris attacks for 4 months, and did not help the Belgium authorities at all.)

Also, Muslims can support the Caliphate in Europe by resisting any attempts of assimilating (even if it were possible) into the greater European culture. Instead, they get more devote, increasingly reject and hate their host nations, and increasingly support Sharia in Europe.

2. Muslims Are Replacing Europeans

Millions of Muslims have infiltrated Europe over the past few years. There are already tens of millions of Muslims in Germany, France, the U.K., Holland, Belgium, Austria, Sweden, and Norway- among others.

These Muslims are having more children than the native European populations. 51% of U.S. Muslims would want Sharia law.  (I don’t have a figure in Europe, but seeing how European Muslims are more radical and less integrated, I will only assume it is much higher).

White Europeans are predicted to be a minority in many of these European nations in just another 30-50 years (or less). Every year, the percentage of new born Muslim children increases, while the White European percentage drops.

And unless something changes, this will continue.

Greek War Of Independence

Greece was the first nation to free itself from Ottoman rule. This is an impressive feat; seeing how Greece is situated right next to the capital of the Empire, and not some far away province. This should tell you that the Ottoman Turks did not willingly allow Greece to go free.

I won’t go into all the details of the war, but it was a roughly 9 year struggle of fighting in Greek lands; similar to how the American Revolution was fought on American soil.

And unlike the American Revolution where the British had some sort of a code of conduct, the Turks and their Muslim conscripts from Egypt did not follow any.

There were many mass killings, but the most famous is the Massacre of Chios:

  • The Muslim troops were ordered to kill all infants under three years old, all males 12 years and older, and all females 40 and older, except those willing to convert to Islam
  • Approximately three-quarters of the population of 120,000 were killed, enslaved or died of disease. It is estimated that 2,000 people remained on the island after 21,000 managed to flee, 52,000 were enslaved and 52,000 massacred.

It was not an easy fight, and the Muslim Turks gave no quarter to the Greeks.
But, point is: The Greeks won and secured freedom for themselves and for their Greek descendants.

With that said:

The current Greeks (and Europeans) have NO RIGHT to throw away the hard earned sacrifices won by their ancestors. They have NO RIGHT to throw away the freedom given to them, and take away this freedom from their own children and grandchildren.

The Picture is clear:

  • 1. Islam conquered vast areas of Europe in the past, and Europeans had to struggle to win their independence and to repel Islamic attacks
  • 2. The threat of Islamic subjugation is back whether you recognize it or not
  • 3. You will lose your freedom and spit on your ancestors’ graves if nothing is done

I will leave you with this clip from Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.

Gandalf is explaining to King Theoden that their enemies are at war with his Kingdom, and he must fight. He must take decisive action.

Theoden does not yet recognize this threat, and says he wishes to spare his people from further bloodshed.

What Theoden does not yet recognize is this :

The Enemy Has Already Declared War.

Doing Nothing and Not Taking Action Will Not Save His People

Also Published at Purpose to Power

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