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Turn on a mainstream news station and you’re likely to see talk of interracial violence. But the type of interracial violence the media talks about is not as common as they say it is. The interracial violence the media talks about is white on black violence, usually involving white police men shooting black men. White on black violence is much less common then black on white violence.

A follow up to the article about the murder of white Ohio State University student, Reagan Tokes, by a black convicted sex offender named Brian Golsby. 

While I don’t deny that there are innocent blacks who are killed by white police, I am confident in saying that these cases are NOT representative of interracial violence. Reagan Tokes case represents interracial violence pretty well. The white 21 year old college girl was working at a restaurant and left her job to walk to her car. This is when Golsby confronted her. He forced her to drive to  an ATM and withdraw 60 dollars. He then took her to Scioto Grove Metro Park and raped and murdered her. In the article I go through the evidence that Golsby in fact, did commit this crime. Reagan’s car was found near Golsby’s residence and it contained a cigarette butt with Golsby’s DNA. GPS tracking shows Golsby was in the Scioto Grove Metro Park at the time of the murder.
Juts how many other black on white murders occur in the US every year? According to the FBI, in 2013, there were 409 black on white murders and  189 white on black murders.
But black on white crime goes beyond murder. When it comes to rapes and robberies, black on white crime also far exceeds the reverse. According to he National Crime victimization Survey in 2010, there were 13,000 black on white rapes and 39,000 black on white robberies. The numbers of white on black rapes  and white on black robberies were around 0 according to the NCVS.
According to the NCVS data, black on white crime in general far exceeds the reverse. In 2010, 62,593 blacks suffered violence at the hands of white perpetrators. Also, in 2010, 320,082 whites were the victims of violence committed by black perpetrators. There were 5 times as many violent crimes by blacks against whites then by whites against blacks. When you account for population as there are more whites then blacks in the US, you find that black perpetrators committed violent crimes against whites 25 times more than the reverse.
What does all this data on interracial violence tell us? In essence, a white person is much more likely to be the victim of a violent crime committed by a black person than a black person is to be the victim of a violent crime committed by a white person. Black on white rapes, robberies, murders and violent crimes in general are much more common than the reverse. SJWs push  a narrative that racist whites, especially white cops, are hunting down innocent blacks and committing violent crimes against them, at a high rate. This is simply not true. I debunked BLM’s narrative that police shoot blacks at  a high rate because of racism, in this article titled debunking the Black Lives Matter narrative it turns out that police shoot blacks at a higher rate due to higher black crime rates, not racism. Also, police are less likely to shoot blacks in similar situations as whites, due to fear of a media backlash. 
Reagan’s murder got a nearly fair amount  of national media attention, which I honestly didn’t expect. In many cases, black on white crimes that are worthy of national attention, are ignored or largely ignored by the mainstream media and don’t even get close to a fair amount of attention. For example, Zemir Begic, a white Bosnian man from St Louis was hammered to death by a group of black and Hispanic teens who yelled “kill white people”, in November 2014, during the Ferguson riots. His case got some national attention but not nearly the same amount as it would have, had the races been reversed.
Another case of black on white crime that got little attention despite its severity, was the murder of  37 year old David Dunlap and his pregnant 35 year old wife Whitney Butler. Macyo Joelle January shot the couple in their home Again, consider the national outrage that would occur if a white thug killed a black pregnant couple in their home.
Also, consider Matthew Owens, a white, Alabama man, who was severely beaten with bats, brass knuckles, a chair, a paint can by 20 black neighbors  Again, this case would have gotten much more attention if the races had been reversed.
While Reagan’s case did get some attention, I am convinced that it would have gotten more had the races been reversed. 

The death of Reagan Tokes was tragic. She was a 21 year old with a bright future, and was killed by a viscous thug. As far as I know, there were no protests or riots because of her death. There were no calls for a “conversation about race” because of her death. People on the left want to pretend that cases like this don’t happen. They get outraged about justifiable white on black police shootings while ignoring black on black crime and black on white crime, both of which are much more common. It’s important that we correct the SJW narrative about race and crime and tell the truth. Black on white crime is much more common then the reverse. It’s time to stop pretending that there is an epidemic of racist white cops targeting blacks because there isn’t. Its time for the left to acknowledge the truth about interracial violence.


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