Her name was Reagen Tokes. She was a 21 year old senior at Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. She was studying psychology and was set to graduate this spring. On February 8th 2017, she was raped and murdered by convicted sex offender Brian Golsby. Her story is not uncommon, when it comes to interracial violence.

Reagen was white and her rapist and murderer was black. Despite what the media, black lives matter and other SJWs would want you to believe, Reagans murder is representative of interracial violence in America.

Her murder is more representative of interracial violence then the rare case of an innocent black person being unjustly killed by white cop is. So far, there have been no protests in her name or calls for a “conversation about race” relating to her case. But despite SJWs refusal to acknowledge that this type of thing happens, Reagan mattered.

Her life mattered.

Her future mattered.

Her story matters.

And what happened to her is similar to what happens to hundreds of other whites every year in America.

Raeaen worked at Bodega, a cafe located on High Street. On February 8th and 9:45pm, she left her job and began walking to her car. This is when Golsby, 29, confronted her between 3rd Avenue and High street. Golsby told investigators he forced Reagan to drive to her bank ATM and withdraw $60.

Then he took her to Scioto Grove Metro Park, where he raped, shot and murdered her. Reagens car was found near Golsby’s residence. Inside the car, a cigarette butt containing Golsbys DNA was uncovered.

According to Grove City police  GPS tracking  shows Golsby was in the park at the time of Tokes murder.

Golsby had been released fro prison in November 2016 after serving a 6 year sentence for rape and robbery. in 2010, Golsby raped a woman in front of her 2-year-old child, forced her to withdraw cash from an ATM and then robbed her apartment. 6 years later he was released from prison and was able to harm another woman, Ragen Tokes.

This story accurately represents interracial violence in in america. The offender was blac and the victim was white. Despite what SJWs want you to believe, his is hot most cases of interracial violence go.