A question I am asked in every interview is:

‘’Do your political opinions affect relationships you have with other people?’’

The answer is unfortunately, yes. It’s incredibly disheartening to me the amount of friendships and possible relationships I’ve missed out on all due to my political opinions. I have never turned a friend away or liked someone any less for having different political opinions than me. However, the amount of people who have cut me off or told me it ‘just isn’t working out’ is over a dozen.

Interestingly, the app ‘Wishbone’ had a similar question to ask and drew up the results of asking 10,000 millennials the same question.  47% would not date someone with different political beliefs, with 53% saying they would.


Should your political opinions influence you to the point of being unable to remain friends or peruse relationships with people who have different outlooks?

In my opinion; definitely not.

Although of course this can apply to any political standing, I’ve noticed that a particular left wing characteristic is blocking out whatever and whoever doesn’t agree with you, which is unhealthy and ultimately damaging to your social life. If we don’t challenge ourselves and try to understand others opinion to grow our own, we just become stale echo chambers.

I see members of the left mocking ‘upper middle class conservatives’ for staying in their gated communities and having echo chambers of small minded opinions about topics such as LGBT issues. But isn’t exactly what they are doing to their own extreme?

So, do we live in our echo chambers at the risk of being completely alone? Or do we step outside the lines and search for challenge?


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