I’m going to preface this by saying that I believe I am an empathetic person. I think that empathy is an important factor of being a decent human being. And thankfully, God has blessed me with it.

But I also believe that there is a line between having empathy and being too aware of people’s feelings. At some point you have to accept that you can’t please everyone and that’s okay.


On May 22nd 2017, a full arena in Manchester (UK) was subjected to a terrorist attack. As of this being written, 22 people have died and 59 were left injured. A tragedy that is becoming too normal in Europe.

It’s sad, yes. It has changed the lives of hundreds for the worst. But what we cannot be afraid to say is: life goes on.

Britain has taken the stance of saying that we are ‘unafraid’ while we send armed soldiers to the streets of every major town and we have been told to be on ‘high alert’ as our terrorist attack threat reaches ‘critical’.


This week the Prime Minster, Teresa May, claimed that she wanted to have a new ‘controlled internet’.  This got me thinking about the whole idea of the government and big corporations wanting to ‘control’ everyone and play out Orwell’s 1984. And honestly, I’ve always been a little sceptical of that opinion because I think I’m rather too hopeful.

You may be wondering how this all ties together neatly. Just stay with me here.

I was looking forward to watching my favourite TV series – Grey’s Anatomy this Wednesday. It was the last in the series. It was cancelled. Why? Cucked broadcasting company SkyLiving thought it was ‘too offensive’ to show because of the Manchester bombing attack.

Skyliving Greys anatomy 272x300 Europe: ‘This is NOT 1984’

The BBC was among other broadcasting companies to cancel TV shows for the next week, claiming ‘offensive content because of recent events’.  Among TV shows cancelled were a women’s talk show a historical drama. Which you can imagine were both very relatable to the Manchester attack that hadn’t happened at the time of filming.

Referring back to my first point about empathy, I think it’s important that we don’t cross that line. Why is an American made medical drama filmed a year ago ‘offensive’ to the sensibilities of those affected in Manchester right now?

I could chose to be petty and make this about my hurt feelings because I didn’t get to watch my favourite show this week. But, I chose to make this about the freedom we have and are entitled to. I chose to make this about making sure that people don’t decide when my feelings are hurt and when I’m offended.

This is not 1984. And without trying to sound like Alex Jones, there is a war for your mind. They want to give into being thought on behalf of and they want you to accept that this is the new normal.



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