National-Socialism or Nazism is a racist and antisemitic ideology which holds that the Aryan race is superior to all other races’


When you hear the word ‘Nazi’, you automatically think of Hitler. I for one have sudden flashbacks to my history GCSE course where I spend two whole years learning about the rise and fall of Hitler, where I must have written, read and said the word ‘Nazi’ a billion times.  I think it’s also fair to say that our automatic assumption is that there can’t be any Nazi’s left.

Of course this assumption is inaccurate; there are a small group of self identified Nazis left. By searching on the internet it’s pretty clear that these people fall into 1 of two categories; very old or on the autistic spectrum. So in short, there are Nazis still around but they tend to stick to being all talk on internet forums from their mother’s basements. They are not a real threat to our society.


The word ‘Nazi’ has been floating around out of the mouths of the mainstream media and left wingers in the past few months. When Richard Spencer got punched it developed into the ‘Punch a Nazi’ meme. Which was funny, it produced gems like ‘Punch a Nazi’ by Chris Ray Gun. But we can’t really afford to ignore what shitstorm it created for the right.

Richard Spencer is seen by the mainstream media as being a full on ‘white nationalist’ and a Trump supporter. So they cobbled together a connection between the two opinions and there you have it: All Trump supporters are white nationalists.

punch nazis 2 300x259 The Nazi Phenomenon – fake news?  punch nazis 1 300x199 The Nazi Phenomenon – fake news?

The mainstream media managed to start a spiral of autistic screeching coming from social justice warriors. Although hilarious and entertaining, the weird narrative that they are trying to push that there has suddenly been a rise in the Nazi population is actually being taken seriously.

It’s painful to watch. They are trying so hard to turn everything into a white supremacist agenda.

The international hand signal for ‘OK’ – check?

Milk? – Check

The next thing you know, they will be calling your baby racist. Oh, they did here.


In my experience, most Trump supporters are not white nationalists. And most right wingers aren’t either. In fact, I would go as far to say that we are the most diverse political group at the moment. You don’t have to look hard or far to see that social justice and third wave feminism cater to the fat, white middle class women and their black counterparts because it’s just a self absorbed echo chamber. Most feminist youtubers and other content creators are just basic white girls who echo each other and come out with the ridiculous ideas to be passed around. You can say you’re a pansexual genderfuid trans-ethnic dragonkin all you want; you’re still a basic white girl.

My faith is in the knowledge that sooner or later, liberal’s ideas always back fire on them. And maybe it’s already starting to happen with this Nazi obsession.

My last point is that liberals are so focused on the word ‘racist’ and calling others racist. Is it just projecting? It seems hard to prove they are not when you see them supporting things like this:


There are too many white men on transport for London 300x114 The Nazi Phenomenon – fake news?

Perhaps if it was written like this, they would be the first ones to complain..

There are too many white men on transport for London 2 300x117 The Nazi Phenomenon – fake news?





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