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It’s become clear to all of us that the Globalist Left does not follow any sort of moral code besides one: Win at all Costs. 

“Democracy”, Human Rights, Progress, etc are just buzz words used to advance any sort of agenda that the Globalists wish to pursue. When an opponent is constantly cheating and breaking the rules of conduct, and you are still trying to abide by those rules- you are putting yourself at a huge disadvantage.

The days of “Losing with Dignity” that the Cuckservative Republicans have practiced for decades are over. If the Democrats want to play this game, let us use their own game against them.

Forget non-European Muslim Refugees, Bring In Greeks (and other Europeans) Instead

The Corporate Media and Globalist elites have done their best to try and convince us in the West that we need to allow an unlimited amount of non-European Muslims to flood and settle our nations because of ‘human rights’ or something similar.

Our Globalist elites have put in an immigration system that works against our people; a system that every year brings in  a million non-Europeans to settle our land. “Refugees” are also allotted a certain amount of slots to come into the country.

Refugees1 Beat Them At Their Own Game: Not Muslims; Bring in Greek Refugees Instead

Until our immigration system is totally shut down and/or revamped to work in our favor, I suggest we use their system against them and bring in Greeks to fill our ‘refugee’ slots.

Why Greeks?

Greece is currently a vassal state of the European Union. Greece was the metaphorical ‘sacrificial lamb’ slaughtered in order to keep the despicable E.U. alive for a few more years. The country was bankrupted via loans given to the government that the banks knew Greece could not pay back, and Goldman Sachs even helped ‘cook the books’ in order to hide Greece’s debt. 


Greek unemployment Beat Them At Their Own Game: Not Muslims; Bring in Greek Refugees Instead

Greece has been stripped of many of its national resources (ports, airports, mining rights, electrical companies, etc), and given away to Globalist Corporations via “privatization” schemes. The GDP of Greece has shrunk by at least 25% since the Recession, and youth unemployment is near 50%.

Over 427,000 people, nearly all highly educated young professionals, have left Greece since 2008.  Most have gone to Germany, Britain, and other E.U. nations to find work.

It cannot be argued that Greece isn’t in a massive crisis and the people are forced to flee because of it.

If the U.S. is so keen on bringing in refugees (let’s be honest, most of the ‘refugees’ are coming to the U.S. in order to get welfare), let us at least bring in people who are skilled, professionally trained, and won’t commit Islamic terrorist attacks on us.

So I say, President Trump, let’s use their own game against them. If we are still forced to bring in refugees, let us bring in highly educated, European Christian, Conservative Greek people instead of illiterate, non-European Muslims who will forever vote for the Globalist Democrats.

Sometimes, you just have to play the same game your opponent is playing.

You just have to play it better; and win

Highest Amount Muslims Beat Them At Their Own Game: Not Muslims; Bring in Greek Refugees Instead


Also Published at Purpose to Power

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