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Your leaders know what they are doing. They aren’t stupid. They aren’t “well intentioned.”

Many people in Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are looking around wondering how their politicians can be so stupid. The White Europeans who make up these countries are wondering what is going on; and how weekly – perhaps soon to be daily- Muslim attacks can continue with nothing being done.

Many citizens of these nations think the politicians are incompetent, and that is why they cannot stop the ever increasing predation cast upon them by non-European Muslims.

These citizens have it all wrong. The politicians know exactly what they are doing.

The Politicians Don’t Care If You Die: It’s All in the Name of “Progress”

Terrorist Threat Western Man: The Globalists Know
Maybe there wouldn’t be so many peaceful Islamic terrorist attacks if the red countries weren’t filled with so many racist Islamophobic bigots

The people running your governments aren’t ignorant of their actions. They know exactly what they are doing, and this is why they won’t change course.

What do leaders of these nations say after another Muslim ‘culturally enriches’ a children’s concert or a Christmas Market is visited by a ‘truck of peace’?

  • A terrible tragedy has occurred
  • We cannot let this change us
  • We will clamp down on ‘hate’ (which by hate, they mean any White Europeans who decide to speak up and resist)
  • We stand united as one in our multi-cult rainbow nations
  • We must carry on as usual

Your countryman’s blood is nothing more than a cost of doing business for these people. The politicians of your country want Muslims to flood into Europe, and they want to flood the United States with non-European immigrants. They don’t care if people die while they are trying to achieve this. 

There’s no other way to explain it.

  1. If you wanted to actually stop Muslims from killing your citizens, why would you keep bringing them in?
  2. If you actually wanted to stop the attacks and protect your citizens, why would judges block President Trump’s immigration ban?
  3. If you wanted to stop the terrorization of your people, why would you bring in so many Muslims that they will replace your own people in your own nation?

183 Western Man: The Globalists Know


Progress Means Replacement

Whenever you hear about ‘progress’, what are you supposed to believe it means? Things getting better, more ‘fair’ and equal, and it’s just the “natural progression of history?” 

Throw all that bullshit out. Our Globalist leaders don’t care about any of those things. They will say whatever they can in order to win. They have no morals and no principles. They will lie, cheat, and corrupt our societies in order to get what they want. And what exactly is their ultimate goal?

The reality is that if nothing is changed, Germany, France, Sweden, the U.K., and other European countries will become majority non-European Muslim in the next 15-25 years. 

Plan 1 1024x391 Western Man: The Globalists Know


This is what “progress” really means. Tolerance, “equality”, and anti-racism are just terms thrown out to control you, silence you, and get you to shut up and do nothing. 

  • If you speak out against non-European Muslims openly attacking your people and raping your women, you are called an Islamophobe
  • If you speak out and support your own people’s interests, you are told you are full of ‘hate’ and are a bigot
  • If you speak out against your people being replacing in your own nation, you are called a racist White Supremacist



1497410324566 1 Western Man: The Globalists Know
“Diversity” simply means replacement. We are punished so severely by our own governments, the Corporate Media, and scared of losing our jobs that most cannot even admit the truth

No one is coming to Save You

Listen here. No one is coming to save you.

Your government isn’t going to ‘wake up’ one day, and realize that their policies are causing all these Muslim terrorist attacks. They aren’t going to suddenly come to the conclusion that if they keep importing millions of non-Europeans into your country, that your people will be demographically replaced.

This is exactly what they want.

That is why it’s so important that you save yourself. If you care about  your family, your children, and the future of your people, only you can help save them. You are not a helpless victim. That is what they want you to think.

Many people are already awoke, and many are ready to be woken. They just need strong, brave men and women to step up and speak the truth; to say ‘enough is enough.’

Do not let people around you get away with saying:

“Diversity is our strength”

“Refugees Welcome”

“You are evil and deserved to be demographically replaced”

Be brave, and speak the truth. You will not only empower yourself but also empower many around you who are thinking the same things as you, but are too scared to say it. Many of our people think they are alone living in this nightmare. You must let them know that they are not.

You only live one life.

Do not be that person on their death bed, thinking with your last cold breath: “I regret that I was too scared to do anything to help save the West.”

Peaceful countries Western Man: The Globalists Know

Also Published at Purpose to Power

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