I Was Raised By SJW Parents.. And Now I’m Paying the Price



Sometimes it feels like I am suffocating in this city. Although small, only qualifying as a city in the past 20 years, it is home to the largest LGBT community in the UK. It’s also a hub for far left politics and the bullshit that comes with it.


It’s an abnormality that I have found myself identifying as right wing when all I really knew up to the age of 18 was the left wing haven I grew up in. From an early age I was immersed in liberal culture and it’s obsession with ‘tolerance’ and ‘diversity’.

But how did it affect me growing up?

The home is where you learn the most, as parents are the most influential people in children’s lives. Growing up with liberal parents I found myself being punished from an early age for having natural curiosity. I remember being called ‘racist’ by my father in a car park in Birmingham when I was 9 for questioning why the supermarket only had a small section of ‘normal’ food. (I was confused that 60-70% of the store was labelled to cater to the large Muslim community).

Another thing that deeply affected my development was the lack of gender roles I experienced in my home.  I was encouraged to play with cars and trains, as well as being dressed up in ‘gender neutral clothing’ – resulting in me looking like a butch lesbian at age 7.

It’s proven that gender roles are necessary in a child’s life and are beneficial to personal and social development. In my house, gender stereotypes were not a thing. My father gets so triggered by the phrase ‘man up’ he has near break downs. I have yet to see him do anything remotely masculine in my 20 years of life.

So, how did this affect me? I strongly believe that because I had no real father figure in my life and no gender roles to set examples, the years I spent going after older men looking for validation as a teenager were trying to fix it.


Emotional development is dependent on family life and social life. And for children it’s critical that they are raised correctly to prevent emotional damage from childhood that affects their adult life.

A topic that I am passionate about taking back from the left is mental health and how it is being treated by professionals and the public. I strongly believe that there is promotion and glorification of mental illness among young people and the media.

I’m passionate about this because the left are ultimately causing harm, thinking they are doing good. You’ve probably seen and had a giggle at the cringe Tumblr kids convincing themselves they have serious mental illnesses in the name of ‘individuality’. But there is a darker side to the story that I have been a victim of.

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When I was 6 years old my parents took me to a therapist. I was flourishing at age 6, I was popular in school, doing well and I was a happy kid. But suddenly I was in a depressing room with comfy chairs and those depressing paintings on the wall meant to make you feel calm. And I was being told that I had anxiety and an eating disorder. I had not said a word for the entire hour. My mother had spoken for me, desperately trying to convince the problem glasses wearing, dyed haired (I wish I was joking) therapist that her child was special.  My mother spending 10 years convincing me I had anxiety gave me anxiety that I still struggle with to this day. After a decade on and off Prozac and multiple CBT groups and therapists, I can now (mostly) function as a normal member of society.

What would something like that achieve? Much like social justice warriors use their mental illness as a jail free card or for special snowflake points now, my mother had much the same motivation. Her white, middle class daughter was special. Finally.


The Left’s insanity cannot be tested out on children. The emotional scarring is a too greater price in the name of individuality and diversity. Society’s problems will only get worse if we raise a whole generation like this and we will be the ones paying the price.

You can still raise children to be accepting and tolerant if you include key development factors such as gender roles and lose the special snowflake points system.

TransgenderKids 300x212 I Was Raised By SJW Parents.. And Now Im Paying the Price

I urge modern parents to consider and research the affect that pushing YOUR politics onto your children will have on them.





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