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Many have already heard the news, but many have not. If you have, you probably heard the story from the Corporate Media.

But, I’ve come across another story of what may have (and probably did) actually happened in the bar.

Main Image 1 What Really Happened To The U.S. Citizen Killed In Zakynthos? (Lesson: Men Protect Their Women)

From CBS News:

Bakari Henderson was killed after a fight broke out early Friday on the Greek island of Zakynthos. According to a friend who was with Henderson in Greece, it started after Henderson and another friend set down their drinks at the other end of a table where two men were sitting. He says the two men grabbed the beers, smashed them on the table, and brandished the shattered bottles as weapons.

The friend says local media reports that the attack was sparked by an attempt to take a photo with a waitress are untrue.

Police say at least 10 people followed Henderson out of the bar, including the bouncer and another employee. They are accused of beating Henderson and leaving him unconscious in the street.

Eight people have been arrested and are now facing voluntary manslaughter charges. The suspects, including the bouncer and bar employee, covered their heads as they made their way into court. 

One of their attorneys argued there was no intent to kill Henderson, who Greek police say died from severe head injuries after the beating. 

“I couldn’t believe it,” said Astrid Von Ehren-McCray, a family friend. “And I’m trying to compose myself, but I couldn’t believe it.” 


ctm 0710 american killed in greece bakari henderson What Really Happened To The U.S. Citizen Killed In Zakynthos? (Lesson: Men Protect Their Women)

This is a picture of Bakari Henderson. I’m starting to notice a pattern of the images the Corporate Media decides to use in regards to these types of cases


trayvon martin What Really Happened To The U.S. Citizen Killed In Zakynthos? (Lesson: Men Protect Their Women)



This Story Makes No Sense

Anyone who has ever been to bar knows that this story makes no sense at all. It was 3 a.m. and most assuredly the U.S. citizen Bakari Henderson and his friends were heavily intoxicated (Americans in general get heavily intoxicated when they visit Europe). But apparently they didn’t do anything wrong and it’s all the fault of everyone else.

So let me get this straight: Henderson and a friend put their glasses on the wrong table, and the 2 men sitting there not only broke the bottles, but then brandished them as weapons?

We are supposed to believe nothing lead up to this; that no other exchange happened, or Henderson and his friend didn’t do anything else?

So from one ridiculous story we get another: for no reason at all except that Henderson and his friend put their beer bottles on the wrong table, they were not only threatened with broken glass bottles, but then chased out of the bar by at least 10 people?

Notice how the news story says the friends say that the “reports of the photo of the waitress are untrue”. Of course they would say that, but you know what? That story makes a lot more sense than the one the Corporate Media is trying to push.

For those of you that haven’t heard it, here is a rundown of the story:

“This Henderson guy and his crew of American tourists get into this bar in Zakinthos. They get drunk and try hitting on the waitress (she is a Serb btw). Henderson grabs her and tries to take a selfie with her.

She pushes him away and he starts trying to force her to take that selfie all the while calling her insults. There are 6 Serbs in this bar (They are from 18-25 years old)
The Serbs pile in to protect the waitress, Henderson and his crew start insulting them (for being Serbs and on those lines)

Things get heated and the bar’s security steps in (He is also a Serb)
The security guy tries to tell them to leave and after approaching Henderson and his crew he gets punched by Henderson
The Serbs join the fight instantly, the bar man (who is a Greek) also joins the fight.

One of the Serbs breaks a glass ashtray and uses it as a weapon
The American crew runs away and leaves Henderson alone

Henderson tries to run away but is beaten to death just outside of the bar
The Security and bar man get arrested soon after
The Serbs give themselves in to the police later on during the night (they returned to their hotel and when they got the news that Henderson was dead they turned themselves in)

The coroner established that Henderson died after a hemorrhage in his brain
It is possible that no one even knew they killed him and only thought he was unconscious.”

serbs 1024x640 What Really Happened To The U.S. Citizen Killed In Zakynthos? (Lesson: Men Protect Their Women)

Serbs come from a tough part of the world, and many of the men are physically large. These aren’t the type of guys you want to mess with

Why The Story of the Waitress Makes Much More Sense

After looking at both stories, which one seems more likely?

  • 2 innocent U.S. citizens put beer bottles on wrong table and one of them ends up dead?


  • Drunken Black men get rowdy on vacation, start pressuring the wrong girl, and her fellow co-ethnics step in to protect her

I know we live in a Politically Correct world where we aren’t supposed to use pattern recognition, statistics, or facts. But those days of shitlib smug ignorance are fast coming to an end. 

Unlike in the U.S. and in cucked Western Europe: Serbians, Greeks, and others in the region actually DO protect their women. 

The real story of Black men harass Serbian women–> Serbian men step in–> Altercation follows makes 100% sense.

Black men in the U.S. aren’t used to White European men stepping in to protect their own women.

Surely you’ve seen this yourself: Black guys walking around talking to any and every White woman they can. Do the White men do anything, or say anything? Of course they don’t.

But that’s not how it works in this part of the world. 

Note: I condemn all acts of violence and in no way believe anyone should have died over this stupid drunken late night bar brawl

With that said, there is still an important lesson to learn.

This is probably the first time that Mr. Henderson has been confronted for harassing a White European woman. If more White American and Western European men were willing to step up and protect their own women from harassment by non-European men, this kind of thing wouldn’t happen.

If the second (and logical) story turns out to be correct as predicted, then I say:

While It Was An Unnecessary Tragedy Someone Died From The Brawl, The Serbian Men Were Right To Protect Their Women


Also: This has nothing to do with “White Knighting”. The Serbian woman and the Serbian men knew each other. This is not simply about helping every woman but about helping out a friend (and co-ethnic) who is being harassed.


Also Published at Purpose to Power

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