Brighton, a tourist attraction for its seaside and an LGBT hub for Europe is facing a choice. At an estimated population of 278,216 the city is ‘diverse’ as it gets. In fact, the white population has been noted to have decreased marginally in the past 10 years.

A strong left wing political stance twins with its large LGBT community, and it’s starting to get rocky.

With the European Migrant Crisis in full swing and Germany and France already on its knees, it seems that the UK is not far behind. Europe has seen a mass influx of anti-western radical Islamists who are contributing to the overwhelming and culture destroying terrorist attacks among anti white/anti western culture crimes such as violence, rape and sexual assault.

I mean, what could possibly go wrong with a large influx of radicalists who believe gays should be stoned to death and  women be covered from head to toe meet with a bunch of liberal LGBT hippies?


On my morning bus journey I realized that it’s pretty much a war between the LGBT community and Islam. The left are trying to push ‘’Islam is a religion of peace’’ in a desperate attempt to prove the literal Hitler’s of the right that integration is not important and two cultures, that go together like milk and lemon juice, can live peacefully together.


The message could not have been clearer – a film worthy moment. As I was hearing the audio announcement that I hear every morning on the bus, warning about possible terrorist attacks, and looking out the window at the sea of rainbow for Pride Weekend.

It’s almost like it’s an unspoken war – no one dares talk about it but we are fighting. With every terrorist attack, every gay couple beaten up in the street and every boat of illegal immigrants they are pushing against the current.


I think it’s pretty safe to say that the two cultures cannot grow side by side and flourish, and this is proving it. If they could, it would not be necessary to constantly prove that ‘we aren’t afraid’ and the tired message of ‘we stand together’.

 Gays VS. Islam: The Unspoken War #ALT



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