So many great friendships have been ruined on the basis that I don’t consider myself a feminist.


I never make it a point when first meeting that I’m not a feminist, as I don’t think it’s a necessary piece of information upon first conversation. But when the question hits you just gotta roll with the punches and hope for the best, unfortunately.

Bullying is in my opinion, the most used tactic of third wave feminism. They have used bullying to manipulate wider society into playing by their rules. So, if they are treating people outside their circle like this, how are they treating other members of the pack?

Feminism caters largely to the weak. A sheep like mentality is a natural fit for the weak minded or the ones who are too quiet to speak up. When I considered myself a feminist, one of the reasons why it took me so long to speak up is because I genuinely feared how my peers would react. I’d seen others be bullied out for not following the leader. Feminists are scared of other feminists.

I feel it necessary to speak up about ‘inter feminist bullying’ because I think that we are already seeing some of the negative effects that are happening on an individual and group basis.



Those who are bullied either become bullies or isolate themselves. An individual can use bullying to prevent themselves for being picked on or because they feel the need to prove themselves to other members of the pack. When thinking about this, I always remember something that happened to me personally. A co-worker had just found out that I don’t consider myself a feminist and resorted to public humiliation and bullying in an open office. Even though this is a personal anecdote, it is happening to others all the time. Pretty much anyone who is part of the right or even just doesn’t consider themselves a feminist will have a story or two about being mistreated over a label.



Groups are arguably more venomous. You don’t have to look far to see a video of a feminist group going crazy at a bunch of non followers. Social groups can be beneficial to society and individuals, but can also ultimately damage too. The group mentality of feminism gives the illusion of power, strength and combined intellectual ability when in reality they are consciously (or subconsciously) using it as a screen to stand behind. And because of the way wider society tends to be convinced by it (and gives into their demands), it only makes them stronger and worse.

A general note is that if a group is based on violence and hatred, it will not benefit society. If you let that hate group take over, you have submitted and the outcomes will most likely be negative.




Establishing that peer bullying can have a detrimental effect on both individuals and groups, I don’t think that it’s a hyperbole prediction that we will soon be (genuinely) over taken by bullies and mousey loners. Feminism isn’t a strange fringe group of a hundred – it’s a massive social group thanks to social media and the power of sweet lies.


On a deeper level, I am concerned for the young people who are being affected. I’m concerned for the social affects that feminism is having on teen girls as I see them wanting to achieve less and less and demand more and more just for being a woman. I see the children being raised by these bullies, not knowing any better.


The modern woman cannot face being challenged. Being a woman is now all about empowerment on your terms, beauty on your terms and screaming in the face of anyone who disagrees.

It’s a new low for society when wanting to learn about others opinion and concentrating on genuine personal growth is a thing of the past.








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