Just because you scream the loudest or talk the most, it doesn’t mean you’re right.


A common trait of someone who is losing an argument is for their voice to get louder and swap any well thought out points for buzzwords or personal attacks. Although anyone can act this way, these are common tactics of the left that anyone who tries to have a debate with is subjected to.

As a Christian, I feel like I am often targeted for my faith and its stereotyped morals and values. For example, ‘’all Christians hate gays’’ is a common stereotype perceived by the left when the truth is very far from it.

I grew up being told that Christianity is ‘outdated’ because of its intolerance towards the modern world. Growing up in a liberal culture I have a discovered the left’s anti-Christian narrative is so far from the truth it seems like they are trying to hide from it.

Common stereotypes the left has of Christianity:

  • Too modest/prude
  • Anti-gay/LGBT
  • Intolerant of non believers
  • Out-dated for being pro life
  • Women are treated unfairly
  • No freedom for women/men control women
  • Young people make up a small percentage

The left is so intent on proving that Christians are the real threat to modern society, but why? I have a theory that there has actually been a rise of young people, primarily from the right, who have found Christianity and indentified with it as a retort to the arguably too liberal society we live in, in the western world. This is from my personal perspective. However, in my couple of years being involved with ‘the right’ I have definitely seen many of my atheist friends, acquaintances (and myself) become more interested in the faith and convert.

Let’s suppose my theory is correct – If Christianity is so awful and outdated, why are so many young people turning to it and wanting to learn more about it?

Could it be that it’s because Christianity is more ‘tolerant’ than the left wants you to believe?

I’ve always thought that the right is a very diverse group of individuals. I think my right wing friends are actually more diverse than my liberal friends are. In fact, I think it’s pretty easy to see.  I always see group photos on my social media of liberals and they are all pretty much the same – white, middle class girls with the occasional cuck somewhere. All with badly dyed hair, fat and look embarrassingly the same while trying to be different. Whereas if you saw a group photo of me and my group of friends you’d see me next to my transgender friend (who happens to be Asian), my gay best friend and a white guy for a good measure of diversity.

And I don’t yell about my ‘diverse’ group of friends – because it’s not important. But you know, I’m just an intolerant anti LGBT Christian.  You become intolerant when you refuse to accept people if you disagree with them. My gay friend knows that because of my faith, I am not flamboyantly ‘pro gay’. But we still love and accept each other because we can look past it.



People are not their diversity points.




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