‘You Can’t Do That’ by James King

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(credit: Freshgambit books)


The pint sized book aimed at our youngsters lets them take a look at what happens when you start to question your surroundings. As well as being beneficial to their development by encouraging free thought – it begins the journey to the lesson we all learn:

Why freedom is important and what happens when we give people too much control.


What’s it about?

The main character, a cheeky frog named Pip (perhaps a distant cousin of another well known frog) finds himself what seems to be the perfect farmyard with endless rewards. But when the mayor of the farm starts trying to tell Pip what he can and can’t say in the name of ‘fairness’, he soon discovers it’s not as nice as it seems.


Our take on the book

A colourful, ultra modern book that will definitely get young ones cogs turning. The topic of free speech can be hard to simplify, especially for children, but James King manages to compartmentalise and lay out the important message in a way that children of all ages will be able to understand. This paired with the super cute illustrations ties the book together and results in a book that will be kept on the shelf even after childhood.


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