The younger generation, now entering their 20’s are embracing the term ‘’trad life’’ in all its glory.


I have noticed that more and more of my peers involved in the right wing community are trying to conserve traditional values such as early marriage, having lots of children, being self sufficient and finding faith. All in all, I find it very refreshing.

But why is this lifestyle so alluring to the younger generation who reportedly ‘have it all’?

I would love to see a genuine social study on this. My personal belief is that it is a result of a culture crisis that we are feeling subliminally. We are seeing our speech being policed and our western culture being overtaken by the immigration crisis. Furthermore, a society full of sex, drugs and degeneracy is all we know. And deep down, we know that’s not what we need.

I believe that the problem is that we have taken away the fundamentals of our once civilized society, leaving gaps where tradition once was. Leaving room for plastic dreams and degeneracy to destroy what is left.

I think that my generation is growing tired of having everything handed to us on a paper plate. We are tired of not having core values, a shared belief system and the self respect everyone deserves.


I’m not saying that everyone needs to think like this and want ‘trad life’ – because I believe that free speech and free thought are traditional values. I think that we have a lot to learn from the basics of traditionalism and finding your own version is critical. It’s raw and un-commercial and I personally think that’s what makes it so beneficial.



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