A series of articles presenting my ideas, as a ‘modern’ Christian woman in her early twenties. As you can probably guess from the title, I will be analysing the inner workings of the modern women and how it affects our societies, individuals and family life.


Part three: Great expectations

Personally, I find it quite sad that the ‘‘high maintenance’’ stereotype for women has become something to be proud of. And in the spirit of self improvement, I believe that you should take a look at yourself twice before coming forward to call others out on their wrong-doings. So.. I am high maintenance. I don’t ask for or expect gifts or grand romantic gestures, as I’m far too awkward and shy for a big show. I am emotionally high maintenance. I expect guys to guess what I’m thinking and feeling and then get pissed off when they haven’t read my mind and acted correctly. But at least I can say I’m working on it.


Now that we’ve got today’s self reflection out the way, I’m making a new rule that I’m now qualified to criticise my female peers.


As today’s [western world] women have the ultimate freedom – the world is our oyster. However, with the rise of third wave feminism and its chronic selfishness problem, we want the whole damn reef.


Third wave feminism has taught them that you should love your body whatever it looks like. I think that it’s good that society has accepted stretch marks, cellulite and a little fat in places. But in my opinion, it’s gone too far. This is demonstrated by the large (pardon the pun) fat acceptance movement and the anti-shave radical feminists.

By all means, do whatever makes you happy. But you cannot criticise men for having preferences when it comes to women. Of course, every man is different. But of course genetics and natural preference play a part too. For example, men are naturally attracted to fitter women with wider hips and decent size breasts because we naturally want to mate with the ‘’best’’.

There’s a stereotype that men are the most attracted to the skinniest women with the biggest breasts. This is caused by the porn industry and the affects that pornography has on the brain.

The modern woman’s retort to this is to say that all men NEED to accept any women’s body and find it attractive. While at the same time, they are criticizing men who don’t reach their standards of attractiveness in height, weight and behaviour. The minute a man doesn’t live up to women’s high expectations, it’s ‘’men are trash’’ and crying to your girlfriends because he didn’t compliment your dress that made your back fat fall out.


I’m going to go out into the firing line here by saying that women need to lower their expectations if they want to find a partner of any kind. I’m a strong believer that you should never under sell yourself, but don’t oversell yourself either.

We need to allow each other – both men and women – to make mistakes and to be imperfect.


Respect is a human decency, but I believe that there is also a different type of respect that needs to be earned by treating others as you would want to be, and ultimately accepting that it’s OK to have different preferences to someone else.

I think that universally a problem that the modern woman is facing is that we want more of everything. We are constantly looking for our partners to reach the highest of expectations, unable to appreciate the imperfection and chance to grow in front of us.





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