A series of articles presenting my ideas, as a ‘modern’ Christian woman in her early twenties. As you can probably guess from the title, I will be analysing the inner workings of the modern women and how it affects our societies, individuals and family life.


Part four: Actions have consequences


As you are probably aware, Hollywood is currently facing an earthquake at magnitude 9.1 on the scandal scale.

Naturally, third wave feminists are making it all about them and not the actual victims. They are making it an issue of ‘’slut-shaming’’ when in my opinion, it is a matter of the power that these Hollywood actors have which creates silence of the victims and the fact that it is actually happening. I honestly also believe that if the roles were reversed and women were in the same position of the men are, we would still be in the same situation now. It’s about power and money. Not if they have a dick.




In the midst of these allegations, I’ve found that it’s had me reflecting on my own perceptions and opinion. In the past I have made the mistake of saying that women are targeted because they put themselves out there in their miniskirts and top that hardly covers anything at all. And while I still hold that opinion to a degree, I now realise that it is also a matter of thinking that there are no consequences to actions and not considering that they could be inadvertently be inviting in unwanted behaviour.


Ultimate liberation has allowed women to dress how they please. It is a blessing and a curse of the western world that a woman has the choice to walk down the street in barely anything and yet still ask for respect – otherwise a line of court hearings will ensue. Yes, as a young woman I am grateful that I have that freedom. But I still need to consider the world around me and what consequences my actions may have.


In the past, I have stated that ‘’there will always be creepy men’’ – which I stand by whole heartedly. We cannot escape them and by no means am I saying that we need to suddenly all start wearing burkas – I am just trying to say that needs to be taken into account when you chose your outfit.


On the other hand, I have found myself on the receiving end of unwanted attention when I have been wearing a conservative outfit. And I will always remember the time I opened a door in a conference room and I witnessed six men turn around and look at my boobs..openly.

As I said, inescapable.

Anyway, continuing my point regarding outfit choice – hear me out. It’s come to my attention that women are able to say that they weren’t ‘’asking for it’’ when a guy grabbed her or touched her butt. Yet they were wearing a pair of shorts that made their butt cheeks hang out and a top that could be barely called one.

Subconsciously they were inviting a man to stare at their body. Why is it alright for a woman to parade herself as a sexual object on her own terms and not expect a reaction? I can hear the police sirens already..what a terrible woman hater I am.

If you decide to objectify yourself, you have to be prepared for consequences that may occur. And I’m not saying I’m not guilty of that. I have definitely worn that top that makes my boobs look great because I was seeing that guy I like or I’m just having a confident day.





No, the rapist makes the (wrong) decision to continue making sexual advances to someone who clearly does not want to. That is completely on them.


This is a problem that is on both sides. It is not strictly a woman only problem or a man only problem. But it won’t be solved by teaching men ‘’restraint’’ when they are in a room full of under-dressed women. It leads to confusion of when is the proper time to make advances and also fear of being accused of unwanted sexual behaviour.


It’s time for women to start taking responsibility for their actions.