Around this time of year you are sure to see countless tweets and posts about just how awful it is spending time with your ‘’racist’’ grandpa and your ‘’homophobic’’ aunt. Meanwhile, I unfortunately have the displeasure of being the only non SJW in the room at Christmas thanks to my ultra left leaning, anti Christian family.

And with that.. here are my personal tips on how to ride the SJW wave this festive season


#1 – Always have a drink in your hand

Tried and tested by yours truly. Every time you hear something retarded and want to retaliate.. take a sip of a drink of your choice.


#2 – Look into an invisible camera and pretend you’re on ‘’the office’’

You may be able to convince your food-drunk self that this is in fact just a episode of a sit com and it isn’t real.

#3 – Remember the true meaning of Christmas

For me, Christmas at my place always seems cheap and pathetic because my family aren’t religious. There is no saying grace before eating or any word of the fact that we are celebrating the birth of our saviour. So for when the conversation is suitably dire, I remember that I am here to celebrate him.