A series of articles presenting my ideas, as a ‘modern’ Christian woman in her early twenties. As you can probably guess from the title, I will be analysing the inner workings of the modern women and how it affects our societies, individuals and family life.


Part five: there’s no room for motherhood in feminism

Modern feminism is a breeding ground for toxic behaviours and traits. It promotes greed, gluttony and an egotistical ‘me first’ mindset. There isn’t enough room for healthy socialisation, let alone raising children.


I think for me, a large reason why I have such resentment towards modern feminism is because I was raised by a third wave feminist. I know what it’s like to live in such a horrible and suffocating atmosphere. My childhood was filled with my needs being set on the backburner by my mother, who was too busy victimizing herself and forcing a ‘gender neutral’ upbringing on me.


More and more women are deciding not to have children because of the myth that it ruins your life in one way or another. Sterilisation is becoming a popular choice between young girls and birth control is being sold like candy. And even though it is good to be able to have a choice, I believe that the anti-children message has ultimately masked women from seeing the positives of having children and a generational rejection of motherhood.

As a young child I was always told that I need to ‘’aim higher’’ when I asked for a baby doll or a fake cooking set. And later when I first started wanting to be an author and have a husband I was briskly advised that a husband comes after my career.

 The Modern Woman – A Modern Embarrassment   Part #5

For me, growing up in this environment had a huge negative impact on my emotional and social development. Children learn from what they see, hear and are taught by the adults around them. So naturally, I grew up with that mindset and have found it extremely difficult to get out of and become my own person.

You may be thinking ‘’feminism is just an idea – a group of people. It can’t do that much damage’’ – my point is that it’s a mindset that is clearly having a massive impact on our current society. This is evident by the hyper sexualised culture we live in, crisis of identity and the inability to form key, healthy social connections.


Of course, feminists can be mothers. Being a feminist does not immediately make you sterile. It is a question of being able to be a good mother. And the common traits and values of feminism do not allow for the selflessness of being a good mother. It’s important to promote healthy emotional behaviour to children and make sure that they get an as well rounded and fair view of the world as possible – and in my opinion this is unlikely to happen if you are raised by a modern feminist.


I believe that personal growth comes when you venture out and explore your own thoughts and opinions. I believe that we need to stop promoting feminism’s common traits and values as the acceptable way of thinking before it is too late. It is not a viable option for a modern and robust society.

And if you don’t think that these things are being widely promoted – just open your eyes. It’s obvious in our mainstream media that is filtered for us, catering to the feminists in all of us. It’s rampant in our pop culture, our clothing, our socialisation.




I care not only because I have experienced the pain first hand, but also because I care about living in a society that is the best it can be.