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I'm a YouTube Creator with over 125,000 subscribers, creating Christian content for YouTube,, and other outlets. I've authored 4 books, many blog articles, and hundreds of DVDs available at was born in Thailand to a family of Buddhists, Catholics, Methodists, and Muslims, which gives me an uncommon perspective on people, religion and geopolitics. I love traveling, having been to over 40 countries, mostly as a public speaker. Educated up to Masters degree level in Thailand, Australia, America, France, Canada and UK, I offer a unique perspective on Eastern vs Western cultures.Please do not attempt to respond to my comments about God, Christ or Christianity until you thoroughly understand my position. Christianity in the East has had virtually none of the censoring, politicking and internal persecution typical of Western culture, yet few critics in the West acknowledge or understand the differences between these European propensities and real Christianity. Culture can be our strength; culture can make us blind.My home church, where I am senior pastor, is Protestant Christian, international in composition, unaffiliated with European denominations, native to Australia, and puts Jesus and the Bible above men's traditions. Please pop into Discover Church when you’re in Australia. I'm a happily married husband, father of two, a friend of Jesus and friend of sinners. Feel free to Facebook or Twitter me.

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