To a feminist, absolutely everything is oppression. Woman says plain t-shirt "sets women back". 
To social justice warriors 'fragile masculinity' means: ''The idea that men must constantly prove their masculinity via aggression, violence or sexual domination . Masculinity is threatened by femininity.''Most of this definition is hyperbole. However, the statement that masculinity is...


On November 9th 2016 Donald Trump won the election. It was the end of a decade, but the start of an age.
Part one of the "Why is That?" interview with Karen Straughan about the Mens Rights movement.
Part Two of the "Why is That?" interview with Karen Straughan about the Mens Rights movement.
The patriarchy sends a female murderer to four years less time for the same crime as her male accomplice.  A couple plead guilty to killing and dismembering a woman in Halifax. Two equally evil people, one unequal sentence.
I love Halloween—the parties, the candy, the costumes.  It’s a great time.  It’s a spooky time.And it just got spookier.This year, social justice warriors (SJW) are using Halloween as their soapbox to tell us all how bigoted, racist, and...
If feminism is the radical notion that women are people, abortion is the notion that unborn babies are not; though alas, the Western... a woman hearing Michelle Obama’s speech made yesterday in support for presidential candidate Hillary Clinton I was disgusted.“The belief that you can do anything you want to a woman? It is cruel. It’s frightening”No, Michelle Obama. The belief...
This is something I have wanted to get out for quite some time.There is a tendency within Social Justice Circles to classify everything they don’t agree with as “Right-Wing”. As such, I’ve been called Right-Wing for merely opposing Social...

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