It is my view, that there will be no further significant scientific or cultural achievements carried out by a Western European country or its cultural inheritors in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and the areas that are typically...
With every conceivable advantage, Hillary Clinton lost the American presidential election to a self-destructive anti-politician openly opposed by his own party. Across the pond in Europe, the world’s most powerful capitalist cabal was brought to its knees by a...
So many great friendships have been ruined on the basis that I don’t consider myself a feminist.   I never make it a point when first meeting that I’m not a feminist, as I don’t think it’s a necessary piece of...
The year 2015 saw approximately 134 000 registered immigrants to Sweden. Close to 3000 of these were underage orphan girls, hundreds of which arrived in wedlock with adult males. In the final months of the year, 70 of these...
Part one of the "Why is That?" interview with Karen Straughan about the Mens Rights movement.
An interesting video from Simon Dennerly's online show discussing his post election thoughts and the media's reaction.
Steven Thrasher believes Donald Trump intends to 'target' people suffering from HIV/AIDS with his healthcare reforms. In this clip, the TCD team put this Guardian article through 'the shredder'.
To a feminist, absolutely everything is oppression. Woman says plain t-shirt "sets women back".  

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