Black Pigeon Speaks editor in chief features in a short news piece on the alt-right/right wing and it's young members.
An interview with Professor Janice Fiamengo, from "The Fiamengo Files", about the impact of Cultural Marxism and Feminism on Universities- are they doomed?

Daddy Issues?

In my last article (The Real meaning of fragile masculinity) I wrote about the treatment of men by the modern woman and how it affects all of us. I went into some detail about how this affects women but...
It's 2017 and we are increasing the DOD budget yet we outspend everyone else by leaps and bounds. House a nuclear cache that would make Truman wake up with wet/sticky draws. With economic ties to the world's largest country...
There has yet to be a serious effort at analyzing or talking about “The Culture of Critique”, the major work of author Kevin MacDonald.  And while I will not be able to give it a full analysis here, I... This video illuminated one of the main underlying causes of disagreement; critical thinking. It doesn't matter what your political affiliation is or what your conclusions are, what always matters most is HOW you got to your conclusions. I never thought in...
The purge that will be televised: the Regressive Lefts in home drive by What we are witnessing is something out of those radical 60's. It was that “new” Left that caught the establishments eye and took notice before Nixon was...


On November 9th 2016 Donald Trump won the election. It was the end of a decade, but the start of an age.

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