'’Terror attacks are ‘part and parcel’ of living in a major city’’  – Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London.My biggest problem with that statement from Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, is that it shouldn’t be just ‘part and parcel’ of...
You will need:(Cake)3 large migrant men pretending to be minors 17g(6oz) of self ego raising flour 175g (6oz) casting men aside sugar 175g (6oz) soft punches from leftists 1½ level tsp baking powder 40g (1½ oz) cocoa powder ...
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9b5Hlf4pV3Y This video illuminated one of the main underlying causes of disagreement; critical thinking. It doesn't matter what your political affiliation is or what your conclusions are, what always matters most is HOW you got to your conclusions. I never thought in...
The new reality facing Dutch politics following the election result.
The Democrat party face political annihilation in the next 4 years if the ideological detachment of their leadership is not addressed sooner rather than later.
Steven Thrasher believes Donald Trump intends to 'target' people suffering from HIV/AIDS with his healthcare reforms.In this clip, the TCD team put this Guardian article through 'the shredder'.
LiberalThere are several definitions for the word Liberal. The three that are relevant to this discussion are 1) not bound in an objective manner; open to interpretation, 2) broad and unfocused, and 3) supportive of individual freedom. The first...

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