I am a third Swedish. My Swedish side came here to mine coal and gold many years ago. I am sure they would have heart attacks to see what has happened to it now. It is not Sweden anymore....
They are conspiring, and it is right in your face.  Daily. This is the rant to kick off what is going to be the first of many.  If you hate the average progressive... go grab a beer and watch this...
C-BS and the Hillary Clinton Interview. A liar... is a liar.
"What would you do with a pack of dogs who were roaming your neighborhood, and you knew five of them were rabid?" Sometimes you have to be upfront with your concerns.  Not to be hateful, but for self preservation.  What...
YOU WON'T LIKE THIS. You won't like this; it is not for you!  This is a fair warning to the progressive mindset; I have no problem looking at a situation from a logical viewpoint and then giving you my unabashed and...

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