The vote you cast, could be the vote for the destruction of life the way you know it.  Beware of pitfalls and deceit which could destroy everyone and everything you love.
 (This post had information taken from Breitbart and NBC, on the conflict between the US and Russia in Syria. Basically, this story is worth your time as it a good way to keep with the conflict in Syria between...
It is undeniable that Migrants from the Islamic World are causing massive problems in the West. From higher rates of violent crime and sexual assault, to child brides in Denmark to private Sharia Courts in the UK and close to...
Via (CNN) In Jerusalem's largest cemetery the deceased have a need that the living cannot fulfill: more space.The Givat Shaul cemetery, which sprawls across a hilltop on the northwestern edge of the city, contains more than 200,000 burial spots, and nearly...

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