Feminism Versus Faith? Why Abortion is a Secular Matter

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If feminism is the radical notion that women are people, abortion is the notion that unborn babies are not; though alas, the Western abortion debate is undoubtedly one that has already been won by the pro-choice side. So well has it been won in fact, that in school I was taught of a woman or girl’s right to a free abortion as an objective truth as provable as the Earth orbiting the sun. In recent months, I, someone who has received no religious upbringing whatsoever, became a member of the distinctly unfashionable pro-life movement; and I would be lying if I claimed this move wasn’t reluctant.

So unfashionable has an anti-abortion stance become, that it is regarded with almost as much disdain as the act of abortion itself is among the dwindling circles who oppose it. Anyone prepared to publicly state opposition to the procedure, is almost immediately written off as a jackbooted theocrat on a par with Calvin’s Geneva, the Ayatollahs, or more succinctly: a ‘Jesus freak’.

For better or for worse, I have little knowledge of the Gospels, never-mind a faith in Jesus Christ’s resurrection. I came to the conclusion that abortion is immoral- not because the Bible would suggest so- but because the notion that murder is wrong is an absolute truth that no temporal law can undo, and by extension there can be no human right to abort an unborn life.

In the words of Henry Ford, there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning if people understood our banking and monetary system; and if most people today understood the reality of abortion, similar outrage might ensue. Over the past few decades, the population has been so wooed by the pro-choice persuasion that its gradual osmosis into the fabric of popular morality and legality of the West has gone almost unnoticed.

The pro-choice movement has glamorously and deceitfully packaged the right to abortion as women’s liberation- their ‘right to choose’- as if in being pregnant the woman has become a helpless victim. This attitude is dangerous and false. Women are not victims, we are sentient beings with the agency to decide whether to risk a pregnancy, or to not. Generally, giving abortion the stamp of approval glorifies the irresponsibility of parents, and diminishes the child(ren) to Untermenschen status. Their deaths only referred to in code.

Snappy little phrases like ‘Safe, legal, and rare,’ dominate discourse; blurring the horror of abortion by simultaneously and incompatibly claiming that the unborn child is not a life with rights, while also adding that what we all know is the deliberate ending of a life, will be reassuringly rare. One cannot claim that there situations in which a pregnancy is inconvenient, and in cases of non-consensual conception and risks to the life of the mother, I accept that abortion should be available. The pro-choice crowd however, revere abortion as a matter of liberty, while often demanding that the general public bankroll the practice through tax-payer funded clinics, all the while branding pro-lifers as the authoritarians.

To ‘terminate’ a child outside of the womb would be an act condemned by the common consensus, and yet would be defended by both the law and much public opinion if the child had still been on the other side of this arbitrary line. Surely scenarios in which adoption is not preferable to abortion are infinitesimal? ‘Because-the-Bible-said-so’ arguments against abortion have given credo to the dismissal of the secular reasons against it, by making it easy to mis-characterize the pro-life stance as a fusty, old, theocratic nuisance. Britain’s five-year high of 185,824 legal abortions in just 2015, is symptomatic of a society already far down the staircase of moral and demographic self-suicide. The individual freedoms we think our society protects, cannot exist if we do not condemn acts of force upon others, especially those with no ability to strike back.

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