Several months ago, I posted a meme that compared the Regressive Left (Social Justice Warriors) to Neo-Reactionaries (The Alt-Right) on my Equal Rights Advocate Facebook page. Sadly it was falsely reported, and Facebook’s algorithm took the post down, though I’m not sure which side reported it (probably both).

I posted the meme again on a page called Hahaha how are politics real, which is dedicated to mocking all sides of the political spectrum. I changed a few things, but overall the meme is the same. The meme was incredibly popular getting over 900 shares and reaching over 108,000 people

Unsurprisingly, this meme sparked negative reactions from both the Social Justice Warriors and the Neo-Reactionaries. One Alt-Rightist by the name of OpenReaction/Hendrik Verbraeken decided to respond to the meme, and sent me the link. I shall be countering his article it on here. (Link, Archive)

“Apart from the fact that this infographic generalizes the entire Alt-Right as National Socialists, it compares the entire Alt-Right with Social Justice Warriors (herein referred to as “Leftists”), which is neither a justifiable comparison, nor does it properly address any basic premise held by the Alt-Right.”

My intention was not to generalize the Alt Right as Neo-Nazis. The ‘Derpstika’ was just a tongue-in-cheek representation of them. Nowhere did I state that the Alt-Right were all Neo-Nazis, only that they had the same views on White Nationalism, Authoritarianism, and traditional gender roles/sexual purity.

The irony does not escape me that the one complaining that the Alt-Right was unjustly generalized immediately goes to smear all leftists as “Social Justice Warriors”. This goes beyond merely generalizing a sub-section of the left, because there are many leftists who want nothing to do with the politically correct madness that is part of the Regressive Left.

In fact many believe that the SJWs are betraying the leftist concepts of equality by supporting anti-white racism, female supremacy, and being tolerant to the homophobic and sexist religion of Islam. In addition, many leftists see the Regressive Left’s focus on identity politics as taking away focus from class conflict by claiming that even rich and influential blacks are “oppressed”

“The problem with this is that individuals within the Alternative Right, such as myself, are logically consistent, as this concept is applied to all races, as opposed to the leftist, where their derivative of this basic concept is only applicable to ethnic whites.”

I’ve actually heard several SJWs decry colored people from joining the culture of Whites, calling them “assimilationists” and the like. Though, it isn’t quite as extreme as the White Supremacists.

“The Alternative Right very rarely, if ever, has held any black person responsible for any crime committed by their ingroup. I assume ERA is referring to #BlackLivesMatter riots to “[Holding] all black people responsible for crimes other black people committed” which further support the need to separate conflicting races and cultures.”

Verbraeken immediately contradicts himself in this statement. He claims he doesn’t hold all blacks for the crimes of black criminals and the violent BLM protesters, but then states that blacks and whites need to be segregated, condemning all black people to their ghettos for what other black people did.

I do agree that some cultures are incompatible, such that of Islam and the West. However that doesn’t mean that those of a different race cannot assimilate into Western culture, nor does it mean every aspect of a culture is incompatible (for example, food and clothing).

“Contrary to the Leftist usage of the word “Oppression”, the Alternative Right’s usage of Genocide, referring to White Genocide, is a metaphor to describe the plethora of anti-white propaganda proliferating itself into polite society, as well as the decreasing birth numbers due to the liberation of women’s sexuality.”

We have an established definition of genocide that refers to the deliberate killing of a demographic. To reduce it down to a metaphor is trivializing it.

Furthermore decreasing birth rates are not simply caused by women’s sexuality being liberated. In the Islamic countries such as Iran, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, and Qatar, the birth rate is below replacement.

You’re seriously not suggesting these countries are the cornerstones of women’s liberation, are you? Birth rates are dropping in western countries because modernization discourages women from having children as it is more of an economic burden than a blessing.

In fact, the best way to increase the birth rate of Western nations is to encourage women to work more instead of staying at home, as well as encouraging fathers to spend more time with their children- the exact opposite of what the Alt-Right wants.

The European countries with the highest birthrates are the ultra-feminist Scandanavian countries, while the European countries with the lowest birth rates are the traditionally minded Southern and Eastern Europe. You can find an exception in Germany, but that’s because Germany has been trying to subsidize stay at home mothers.

Yet another “family-friendly” measure, which involves paying women to stay home with their toddlers, was championed by the conservative CSU party in Bavaria, which has but has proved controversial, involves paying women to stay at home with their toddlers. Critics have called it a reinforcement of the traditionalist view of women’s roles – often referred to as “Kinder, Küche, Kirche” (children, kitchen, church) – that does not fit into modern Germany.

Germany is looking to dropping these subsidies and will focus on funding daycare, which will bring their birth rates up.

“Race is not the only major pillar in a successful civilization, but is a fundamental pillar of it. To better understand this concept, the understanding of Human Biological Diversity (HBD) is required. HBD Chick talks really in-depth about this topic.”

The Race Realist’s understanding of race and genetics is laughable. The MGTOW youtuber, Colttaine responded to this.

“There is not a great deal to refute. As stated earlier, this entire infographic, rather than refute any key concepts held by either the Alternative Right and/or the Dark Enlightenment, it attempts to compare our points to Leftists.”

The intention of the meme wasn’t to provide an in-depth refutation to the ideas of the Alt Right or Intersectional Feminists. It’s a meme. It’s not supposed to be super-in-depth. Memes take what a portion of the population already seen in the world and put it in an image. They can spark in depth discussions (such as what we are doing right now) but the discussion won’t be contained in the meme itself.

The point is if you’re opposed to the Regressive Left for being racist and sexist, you should be opposed to the Neo-Reactionaries for being racist and sexist- and vice versa. An Alt-Rightist who is okay with racism obviously won’t care if they share that similarity with the SJW.

“While citing the Jews for the creation and dissemination of anti-white propaganda is somewhat irrational, the Alternative Right’s grievances regarding said propaganda can be justified, and contrary to Leftists belief in anti-woman propaganda, anti-white propaganda is based on objective reality.”

What is considered Anti-White, Anti-Black, Anti-Man, or Anti-Woman can in fact be subjective and different people have different biases so it is likely all of these are in the media, though it would be difficult to measure to what degree. Given I’ve heard Alt-Rightists state that merely depicting an interracial couple is “Anti-White Propaganda” a good amount of them have ludicrous standards.

“The problem is, giving power to the uneducated proletariat is invariably a poor route for a civilization, and therefore, hierarchy is essential. “

The ironic part is that the Alt Right vies for the support of the uneducated proletariat, the “working class blue collar white man”. Yet they also seek to take power away from these men and send it to the elite. Neo-Reactionaries are pseudo-populists willing to give away their rights and freedoms to the bourgeoisie as long as it keeps the “icky brown people” away from them.

“It is considered not as a mental illness, but a perfectly natural action to be “transgender” in our society, and any dissident who points out that it is impossible to re-assign sex chromosomes, and therefore impossible to re-assign sex, pointing out the basics of human biology, is automatically an outcast in society.”

I’m not sure if Verbraeken knew I was transgender, but I do have a stake in this. No, being transgender in of itself is NOT a mental illness. Research has shown transgender people have certain brain structures which are similar to the opposite sex. It’s no more of a mental illness than, let’s say, epilepsy. You can’t cure it with psychological therapy.

Now, what IS a mental illness is gender dysphoria which is usually the result of being transgender. A transsexual’s psychology causes them to wish they were born in another body, which leads to extreme stress and depression. To all those screaming about hormones changing one’s body or doctors “mutilating genitals”, let me ask you this; how would you feel if a cisgender boy had gynecomastia (female sized breasts) and wanted them to be surgically removed? Would you oppose this on the basis that he should feel comfortable with his body, or would you recognize that as a man, having breasts would cause him psychological stress? I would hopefully assume the latter. Then why should we be upset when transgender people get surgeries in order to give them the body they desire?

I do agree that the transgender activist lobby has gone too far on several fronts, accusing everyone of being bigots, transphobes, cissexist, ect. I have been called every name under the sun by these entitled brats for not subscribing to their ideology that there are 76 million genders and that you can be transgender and comfortable with your biological sex (being uncomfortable with your biological sex is a requirement for being transgender). They also have been trying to ban words like ‘man’, ‘woman’, ‘homosexual’, ‘transsexual’, and ‘MtF/FtM”– words commonly used in the Queer Community because it implies ‘gender’ and ‘sex’ are the same, which would offend these special snowflakes. Thankfully, more queers are waking up to this nonsense and are opposing it.

There is another point to the meme that wasn’t really spelled out- these movements are responses to one another. Social Justice Warriors was the accumulation of the opposition to the actual oppression of blacks and restrictions on women’s rights. The Neo-Reactionaries wish to cling to the past to respond to the Anti-White hysteria of the Regressive Left. This will only cause more division between races, between the sexes, and between different Western Countries. In our current political climate, I believe we should work together to find solutions instead of further polarizing our communities. Neither the Alt-Right nor the SJWs will help us with that.

Equal Rights

Equal Rights

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