It is undeniable that Migrants from the Islamic World are causing massive problems in the West. From higher rates of violent crime and sexual assault, to child brides in Denmark to private Sharia Courts in the UK and close to monthly deadly terrorist attacks, the situation seems very dire, and certainly not helped with the Authority covering up the situation lest be called a racist.

Many have gone into panic mode believing that Europe will be overtaken by the aggressive ideology of Islam, but is that what will happen? The situation needs to be looked rationally, rather than feeling hopeless, or having knee jerk reaction and jumping at policies that might not work.

Before one can look at whether Islam can conquer Europe, they must see how well Islam is doing at it’s own turf, notably the Middle East.

Countless people on the right point to the birth rate of Islamic countries as evidence that traditional gender roles are superior to egalitarianism and the west needs to push forward the idea that women should stay at home and men should work to increase the birth rate. What they don’t know is that traditional gender roles in a capitalistic economy actually have the opposite effect, and cause the population to decrease.

Seriously, just look at the birth rates of Middle Eastern Countries that have been modernizing.

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It is true that all of these are above replacement rate. But as they’ve been steadily decreasing, for how long will they be above it? Having children is becoming more of a financial burden than a benefit, and this only increases in a one-income household. Look at Iran, where only 23 women work per every 100 man [source] Their birth rate is 1.92.

Traditionalism is mandated by Islam. While women are allowed to work and keep their money if they wish, men are required to provide for their wives.

Spending. The scholars of Islam are agreed that it is obligatory for husbands to spend on their wives, on the condition that the wife make herself available to her husband. If she refuses him or rebels, then she is not entitled to that spending.

It’s no surprise most Islamic women choose the easy route and stay at home instead of getting a job since they have the opportunity. With dishwashers, vacuums, and washing machines, there is little excuse for women to stay at home. This damages the economy because it is not as productive as it could be with a large percentage of the population not working and staying at home. While Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, and United Arab Emirates have a good GDP, this is because of their reliance on the Petrodollar- which will most likely collapse within this generation, but that discussion is for another time.

(The only country in the Middle East that has decent male-to-female work ratio is Israel where 84 women work per 100 men, and their birth rate is at a healthy 2.68)

The same is true for Europe. While none of the countries are replacement rate, some come pretty close, notably the Scandinavian countries Iceland, Sweden, Norway, and Finland. All of these countries have a high female-to-male work ration, with Iceland not only having the highest with 91 women working for every man, but also the highest birth rate at 2.04 children per woman.

Now what about the more “traditional minded” countries such as Eastern Europe and Southern Europe (Greece & Italy)? They have a comparably low number of women working- and most have an abysmal birth rate to compliment that.

Western European countries have been putting in practices to give fathers more paternity leave and enrolling their children in daycare.

0.3 300x253 The INEVITABLE DEMISE of the Islamic World

TFR = The Fertility Rate

While Western countries birth rates are rebounding, the Islamic world’s is continuing to decline. With men being the provider enforced religiously, Islam is incapable of addressing fathers spending more time with their children.

Another source of alarmism is comparing the Muslim birth rate in Europe to that of non-Muslim Europeans

 The INEVITABLE DEMISE of the Islamic World Muslim birth rates compared to non Muslims in Europe

Muslim birth rates compared to non-Muslims in Europe

It does look damning, but what can we tell from this graph? That the Muslim birth rates will decrease over time while European’s will mostly remain the same and increase in certain countries like Germany and Switzerland. One of the reasons why the Muslim birth rate is high is because many of the migrants are uneducated, which tends to correlate with higher birth rates. If they assimilate into society they will likely lower their birth rate- and possibly drop Islam altogether.

As the Islamic world crumbles from their clearly inferior cultures there will be need to be a massive reformation. Perhaps the Islamic World will end like the Soviet Union, where the countries (for the most part), peacefully left the union and adopted more liberal policies as they realized their authoritarian regimes didn’t work. But the violent rebellions in Syria, Libya and Egypt might just a small sample of what is to come.

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