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If You’re White, Halloween is Racist (According to the Left)

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I love Halloween—the parties, the candy, the costumes.  It’s a great time.  It’s a spooky time.

And it just got spookier.

This year, social justice warriors (SJW) are using Halloween as their soapbox to tell us all how bigoted, racist, and insensitive we are.  Why?  For dressing up as stuff they don’t like.

Essentially, the SJWs are accusing everyone of committing the egregious tumblr sin (that they just made up) of cultural appropriation.  What’s that, you ask?  Essentially, it’s when you dress up in the traditional garb of culture, race, or ethnicity to which you don’t belong.  Apparently, this is deeply offensive and manifestly racist, because it mocks and diminishes other cultures by turning them into an over-sexualized stereotypes.

And one more thing: it only applies to white people.

This is because white people are uniformly privileged, and have never been oppressed or racially discriminated against.  You can read more about that (as well as what “safe costumes” look like) here:

Is Your Halloween Costume Racist?

OK, enough of that.

Let’s talk about why these regressive, feminist, politically correct, culturally authoritarian, SJW bullies are wrong about everything.

The SJW’s first mistake is assuming that “white people” is a homogenous group, which is insensitive and racist.  There are hundreds of ethnicities and cultures that self-identify as white—everywhere from Costa Rica to Russia, Brazil to Australia, and South Africa to Lebanon.  How can we trust them to tell us what racism is, when they are themselves blatantly racist?

Their next blunder is assuming that white people have never been oppressed.  This is obviously false.  Just look at how the Irish were treated by the English (hint: millions died in the Potato Famine while the English drank tea) or by us when they first immigrated to America (remember Gangs of New York?).  Not only that, but millions of white people were enslaved by the Ottoman Empire—even Americans.

Here’s a crazy fact for you.  The US Navy was actually created in 1794 in order to fight back against Moroccan slave-trading pirates, who captured and enslaved American sailors and merchants on their way to Europe.  America fought two wars against them to end the piracy.  Don’t tell me white people have never been oppressed.

Now for the fun part: let’s compare (as sarcastically as possible) “racist” vs SJW-approved costumes.

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Here we have two historical costumes.  SJWs claim that the left costume is racist because it fetishizes Native-American culture, and inappropriately lumps all Native Americans together, rather than respecting individual cultures (like the Iroquois or Cree).  Not only that, but the historical inaccuracies are a sign of great disrespect—how could the designer have done such superficial research?

womens viking costume 210x300 If Youre White, Halloween is Racist (According to the Left) womens viking costume

But the Viking costume, A-Okay.

It’s not like the Viking costume hyper-sexualizes Nordic culture, not at all.  And it obviously doesn’t lump Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Icelandic, English, and Russian cultures together in any way: it clearly respects the many different Viking cultures and peoples.  Likewise, the designer did amazing research, since Viking women clearly dressed like that—it’s not like Scandinavia is cold, or anything.

child geisha costume 717x1024 If Youre White, Halloween is Racist (According to the Left) child geisha costume

What’s wrong with this picture?  All I see are girls dressing up in different culture’s stereotypical outfits.

According to SJWs, a lot.

The left costume insults Japanese culture by boiling their complex accouterments, which are imbued with deep symbolic meaning, into a cheap outfit.  Not only that, it racistly characterizes all Japanese women as geishas, which is extremely offensive.  Also, this costume takes geishas out of context: they were not simply concubines, they were also intellectual companions and philosophical conversationalists.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with the French maid outfit.

The maid costume is not insulting to French culture in any way.  Everyone knows that not all French women are sexy servants, so how could this costume possibly be offensive?  Context, who needs context?  French maids were clearly nothing but sex objects—why is she even holding a feather-duster?

Free shipping font b Christians b font godfather adult font b costumes b font dance font 196x300 If Youre White, Halloween is Racist (According to the Left) free shipping font b christians b font godfather adult font b costumes b font dance font Middle East Arab Prince King Clothes Dubai Emirates Robes Halloween Cosplay font b Costumes b font 300x300 If Youre White, Halloween is Racist (According to the Left) middle east arab prince king clothes dubai emirates robes halloween cosplay font b costumes b font

How about these religiously inspired costumes?  Pretty edgy right?

Wrong.  Good thing we have SJWs to tell us that the burka costume on the left if blatantly racist and religiously bigoted.  There is nothing worse than making fun of religious attire: a person’s beliefs, and the ways they choose to express them, are beyond insult or questioning.  They are beyond trivialization.  They are holy.

The sexy nun costume?  That’s revolutionary.

Who cares if Christian religious garb is being worn in a scandalous way?  The Church is nothing but one big scandal anyways.  Nuns are clearly oppressing people who don’t hold their beliefs, and we need to take every opportunity to fight the power.  Halloween isn’t just about having fun, it’s about making political statements and bringing down the establishment.

Sarcasm aside, SJWs don’t actually care about racism.  They don’t care about cultural sensitivity.  They don’t care about religious bigotry.  Those are just the Left’s tools to cultivate social compliance.  They know it, and we know it.

All they care about is social control.  The left wants to police our speech.  They want to shepherd our thoughts.  They want to limit our freedom, because the freer we are, the less we need them.  The less we need big government.

Cultural appropriation is simply the Left’s newest weapon to use against free speech.  Don’t let them win.

This Halloween, wear whatever you want—for freedom’s sake.

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