The Myth Of Modern Racism Amongst Men

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The reality is that men see all other men naturally as the opposition. This is a biological evolutionary adaptation for survival and reproductive success (Hultén, 1974), and amongst all mammals (Boeuf, 1974). Men are taught to see everything as a racial issue rather than just healthy competition. In the 21st century male children are not allowed to play contact sports in school and participate in competition in its purest form is discouraged.

We see this in the decrease in exams for essays and participation medals which favours female psychology and removes any incentive for school age males to achieve, to do their best or continue to higher learning where they would learn that kinship and competition is hereditary and racism is not.

Meaning school is where boys go to learn racism not healthy competition making the greatest disadvantage for boys to attend is the education system (Sommers, 2001). By doing this healthy attitudes towards competition like grace in defeat and respectful winner are not cultivated such as the shaking of hands after contest.

This is why men misunderstand the origin of the adversarial positions they are forced into by biology and end up believing anything that they’re told without question (Dweck and Reppucci, 1973).

The repercussions of defective education is that when boys are looking for explanations about their adversarial nature they’re not told it is healthy competition but it is racism or toxic masculinity even before they know what in group bias and racism is (Hodkinson et al., 2007).

Though racism exists it is on an individualistic measure not a demographic. All men are a singular individual ‘in group’ consisting of one person by their identity which is often based upon their perception of their achievements and their utility (Akerlof and Kranton, 2000, Campbell et al., 1984), and across cultures (Dobbins and Skillings, 1991).

Then an identity outside than in group just by the position of competition amongst men, which has nothing to do with racism or in group bias because of its individual singular nature is male on male sexism, and that has more to do with biology and evolution than personal preference (Geary, 1998). On an evolution based thesis you cannot find fault for the reason men see other men as a potential adversaries, therefore it is sexism not racism that motivates in individualistic “group” or personal protection bias. Men are the main source of misandry.

If you as a man find yourself having a compulsion to be angry at or want to rebel against somebody of a different ethnic background it is likely it is because they are men, not because they are of a particular race. This is demonstrated in African cultural conflict where it is a different tribe not a different race which invokes conflict (Elbadawi and Sambanis, 2000).

Usually when it becomes a racial issue for men is when it was taught to them from a young age, otherwise it is always rationally based threat or it is a bio-evolutionary reproductive issue, such as paternity reassurance (Geary, 1998, Wrangham, 1993). Usually racism stems from paternity reassurance and cultural eradication (Fearon and Laitin, 2003).

Patterns outlined in a number of studies show that, ethnic conflict in communities does not tend to exist until the ratio of unassimilated ethnic groups become high enough to threaten another (Reynal-Querol, 2002). Indicating that it is a genuine cultural concern not an open or instinctive response to be racist, University of Nottingham (Bleaney and Dimico, 2009).

When one group threatens the existing culture with unassimilable beliefs and customs that expands beyond 17 to 30% said group is normally then that racism is recorded in any significant level, according to real qualitative and quantitative research that (Garcia-Montalvo and Reynal-Querol, 2004). So I call any researches that have claimed a significant result about racism, frauds, liars, charlatans and intentionally academically dishonest.

The social science of “Social Justice” (SJW)’s that has the assertion that everybody is racist, race caption Implicit-association test the I.A.T. has been proven to be pure fabrication by cognitive chronometry. The fact that people stop to think about race before they answer a question means they are mindful of their answers overly empathetic and are trying to adjust for racial bias that sometimes doesn’t exist. In accordance with cognitive chronometry by their own metric, a score of over .5 is not racism, its anxiety or self-censorship (Greenwald et al., 2003).

41 milliseconds is the time it takes someone to be surprised, 6 to 8 milliseconds for complex cognition (Hillyard and Kutas, 1983, Meyer et al., 1988), even across organisms (Bechtel, 2014). Demonstrating that it takes longer to think about something that does not exist, then something that does according to deception detection techniques and study (Posner and Rueda, 2002). A study (Popa-Roch and Delmas, 2015) administered two different versions of the I.A.T. In one version, the in-group was “French and Me” and the out-group was “North African”.

Using this version, they found an I.A.T.-effect. In second the two categories were “French” and “North-African and Me”. In this version, the effect completely disappeared, suggesting that the I.A.T. Crucial factor was friendship, kinship or membership, not nationality or race that caused inconsistency. To illustrate this phenomenon example goes like this, black French man = friend, white Moroccan man = foe. If Morocco man was associated with “me” he becomes friend, no racial bias present. So you literally have to be psychiatrically disturbed to believe that the I. A. T. -effect is even remotely associated with race or even nationality.

SJW enforcement of racism false demonstrators, is inhumane and a human rights violation, through torture of negative reinforcement on the innocent or unaware individual (Payne and Schnapp, 2014). This is teaching children and adults to be racist or believe they are, through repetition of false positives, they are actually creating racism not preventing it (Abramson et al., 1978).

Example, my first friend was aboriginal, I didn’t know that he was any different from me, I only saw a boy my age, until an adult informed me, which confused me, rather than inform me, which is the exact system being pushed by SJW’s (Tatum, 1992). Teaching children that their different is to cultivate racism, not the solution to it (Myers-Lipton, 1996).

Cognitive failures, negative reinforcement, and pointing out differences, leads to learned helplessness, a condition whereby an organism gives up hope, of being able to do things that are within their power and instead submit to learned patterns example, I am racist, I can’t help it, so I will be racist or hate myself to self-decrement (Abramson et al., 1978), such as, the cluck or “white male” phenomenon, where they will believe and accept anything detrimental to their true character, by impulse rather than acknowledgement or reality (Hiroto and Seligman, 1975, Maier and Seligman, 1976).

This is also demonstrated in men’s compulsion to simp or virtue signal (Hiroto and Seligman, 1975) leading children and men with the compulsion to virtue signal and white knight to combat a false perception of self and a negative reinforced false guilt (Kassin and Kiechel, 1996). To be told you’re different at a young age is to cultivate racism and structural violence against children especially male ones (Sommers, 2001).

Which should be considered structural violence (Galtung and Höivik, 1971), a crime against humanity (Farmer et al., 2004), cruel and unusual psychological punishment (Farmer, 1996), and in America a violation of the eighth amendment especially when children are subjected to it (Lutze and Brody, 1999). To take advantage of the most vulnerable and impressionable, children is the violation of inalienable human rights and a dereliction of duty of governments to provide human security (Homolar, 2015).


It is extremely important for academics to understand that, the push or justification for creating gender studies academic positions for women is forming hate culture within the education system. To create these academic positions has led to the fabrication of evidence through academic dishonesty and outright fabrication. This cult mentality discounts sexism and racism from subsets of society, just to demonise others, which is not only academically dishonest and delusional, but a violation of inalienable human rights and a dereliction of duty of governments to provide human security, excerpted by the UN greater international community signatories.

Racism amongst men is far less prevalent than what we are led to believe. That normal competition based instinct are often misinterpreted under the hegemony of liberal regressive education as a confirmation bias, the racism to push a delusional narrative. That it intentionally targets men for normal biological and healthy competition and twists it with confirmation bias or outright dishonesty into fictional racism and inhumane negative reinforcement. This has most likely led to the ‘White Male’ or ‘white guilt’ phenomena in the wake of the fraudulent and defective I.A.T. Social Justice cult.

That this is created by a false assumption on a sociology cognitive chronometer experiment that is deeply flawed, and is likely to be intentionally biased in light of other research. Due to the fact that racial conflict only starts to become a prominent problem when, racial groups have un-assimilating groups with incompatible beliefs and behaviours that threaten the existing culture, when it expands beyond 17 to 30% of said society due to the protective instinct and evolutionary reproductive success instinct or framework.

Finally, the teaching curriculum to prevent racism is most likely the cause and their programs of negative reinforcement cultivates racism through mechanisms such as, learned belief framework and learned helplessness against an illusionary enemy of self. Racial education in light of research, and simple methodological logic, does more damage to society and more than likely encourage racism rather than reduce it. This education framework is more likely to create dysfunctional or psychologically damaged men or insight resentment and anger within groups that are subjected to this injustice.



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