VIDEO: Will Islam rule Europe in 25 years?

By October 27, 2016 3 Comments


  • Decadent Perspective says:

    Yes. Though I wouldn’t consider myself a pessimist, I do not see any signs of improvement for the West. If Trump loses, then Brexit will be useless and Wilders, Petry, Hofer, and Le Pen will have no chance.

    • Johnny F Trouble says:

      If Trump loses, it will only be due to fraud and corruption. And the only people to complain to will be the people that caused it. There is no one we can appeal to. We will not accept the outcome. It will be dictated that we need to… but who will enforce it? The police are on our side. The FBI is revolting, because they are on our side. The military is on our side. Our leader travels the country with two generals at his side at all times. Donald J. Trump will be the leader of the free world one way or another. Then we will have our own trials and investigations for all who betrayed us to a global order. They would be wise to back off from the election and use the time between then and his taking of office to flee the country. For if they let hubris get the best of them, it will most assuredly be their undoing.

  • NoMore Dogma says:

    This is something I have to be so careful with as a content creator in the US. To talk about liking my heritage and wanting it to continue is to immediately label myself as a racist or a “frothing nazi” as one so hilariously put it to me. This is a worrisome situation.

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