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The oppressed migrants gleefully escape the warzone where they came from. Coincidentally they also have clean cloths and nice jeans, some warzone.

Europe is struggling under the economic and social weight of it’s migrant baggage. As conflict rises between the locals of cities and towns overrun by Islamic ideologues from the third world, the Western world tears itself apart over the obvious conclusion that the migrants are not all from Syria, and many of them are only looking to take advantage of the nanny states of Europe. As evidence piles up in the favor of those who want tighter borders, what drives many on the political left to insist on taking in every immigrant no questions asked?

Problems Facing Nations with a High Concentration of Migrants:

  • The formation of dangerous neighborhoods filled with gangs of Islamic men.
     – There are 55 “No-Go” zones in Sweden that are deemed too dangerous for the Police to enter.
  • Greater rates of rape, including child rape.
     – The pedophilia grooming gang in England that went unchallenged by the police for fear of being labelled as prejudiced, for example.
  • Threat of financial collapse.
     – Social welfare states bursting at the seams to take care of millions of people who offer little in return.
  • Loss of social cohesion.
     – Western values are under assault as freedom of speech and expression are being challenged from both the immigrants and the left. The Islamic mayor of London banned sexually provocative images of women from ads in the city. France, Germany, England and more are putting criminal charges against people and jailing them for speaking out against the onslaught of immigrants.

The political elite clearly don’t care about the disastrous effects their policies have on their own countries. Angela Merkel has said, “This multicultural approach, saying that we simply live side by side and live happily with each other has failed. Utterly failed.” In emails sent to John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, the author describes a “house of horrors” for German citizens, citing statistics like “46% of Berlin’s juvenile serial criminals are Arab…36% are Turkish.”

Podesta’s friend then tells him how “Anti-white racism of the most virulent kind has become a fact of life across Europe, but perhaps nowhere more so than in Germany.” Vindication for anyone, right wing, centrist or otherwise that has not been blinded by the mainstream media since the crisis began in 2015. Somehow, with women and children being raped in record numbers, violent men harassing locals, and whites being persecuted in Europe of all places, “I told you so” doesn’t quite cut it.

So, the political elites are in favor of open borders, at least publicly. Educated guesses can be made about their motives, but what of the common people that support mass immigration? What do they believe they are supporting that the rational segment of the western population can’t see?

It’s no secret that the left has progressively become more extreme in its position in recent decades. With the mass support for the openly socialist Bernie Sanders in the United States in 2016, arguably one of the most pro-capitalist nations in the Western world, it has become clear that many people on the left have been all too willing to follow the socialist bread crumbs to self-destruction.
What Socialists Believe about Borders:

  • That borders are a construct invented not for self-defense of a nation or it’s people, but for the benefit of capitalist entities.
  • That borders demean the value of the worker, and allow more abuse to be done by the financial elite.
  • Borders are just a way of preventing workers of the world from uniting and working as one.

While these assertions are coming from a place of deep economic ignorance, it is not coming from a place of malice. Most leftists, from those who want more immigrants to those who are hardline socialists, likely feel as though they are doing what is best for everyone’s well-being. They have been swept up in the emotional rhetoric of pejorative claims that those who oppose the left’s policies are bigots.

They do not see the danger that open borders pose, even though the evidence all but too easy to find. Demographics will rapidly shift, causing a shift in political thought that will lead to overtly authoritarian regimes coming to power. Culture will rapidly change along with the demographics, bleeding the identity of a nation and it’s people dry.

Wages will fail to increase as a massive influx of immigrants from impoverished nations fill up the work force and willingly work for less pay, ruining the natural supply and demand of labor in a country. Violence will increase as internal struggles between culturally incompatible people ensue. Governments will be de-stabilized as the aggregation of all these effects takes its toll. Chaos will erupt if this is all left unchecked.

This is the future promised by those who advocate for a more “tolerant” and “humane” approach to border security from the left. They want to open the flood gates so that they can tell themselves that they are good people at night.

They want to appease the middle-class guilt that they have, as the collectivism that the left encourages has forced them to feel guilty about their somewhat privileged standing in life, while the right continues to represent “the rich.” Victimization is the justification for any clandestine socialist reform, and many in the Western world have bought into the collectivist culture of guilt by association wholesale.

Meanwhile, cultural Marxism dictates that the “less power” one has, the more righteous they are, and who could be more powerless than millions of aggressive, culturally barbaric, Islamic migrants?

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