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VIDEO: Why is That? 8: Genocide and Hope in Iraq (Web-extended)

By November 11, 2016 No Comments

Our first web-extended episode is a case study of people who have been affected by Western interventions in the Middle East. I hope this show imparts that after the conflict is over, and the media focus moved elsewhere, the situation is not over for the millions of people who live in the region.

My guest is Fr Douglas AL-BAZI of the Chaldean Catholic Church talking about how after the fall of Saddam, the sectarian violence that followed lead to the persecution of the numerous ethnic and religious communities in Iraq, including current genocide attempts by ISIS. Fr Douglas himself was captured and tortured by Islamic Militants for 9 days, including having his teeth knocked out with a hammer. He also set up a refugee camp for those fleeing ISIS in which one day 75,000 people showed up, and the lack of aid to refugees even to this day.

We also discuss the impact to the various cultural heritages in the region, know as “the Cradle of Civilisation”, the threat to the ancient Aramaic language and more.

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