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Feminism and queer identity

By December 4, 2016 One Comment

“With gay men laying dying in hospitals, it was a way for feminists to barge in and put lesbians at the front of the queue.”

Feminism sees victim hood as a jackpot. It is the apex of their aim and Holy Grail of any cause. At the inception of feminism, there were indeed causes that needed addressing. For example, Half a century ago women really were paid less and needed proof of marriage to use birth control. Which of course, they won the rights and went on to achieving The Equality Act to protect women, girls and ultimately men as well. Fast forward to 2016 and feminism’s top priority is ”queerness representation” primarily in the media and college campuses.

Since the 70’s feminism and LGBT liberation have been linked. Bisexual bedfellows, if you will!. Yet, there has been one major bone of contention feminists have encountered with the LGBT movement. That element is gay men.

Off the back of the Stonewall Riots in the US and legalization of same-sex intercourse, the 70’s became a springboard for a fledgling gay rights movement. The age of consent for gay men in the UK stood at 21 at the time. And front and centre of this battle was – and always has been – gay men (There is no conformation that Marsha P. Johnson was transgender like the recent film ‘Stonewall’ portrayed.)

As Erin Pizzey often states, the burgeoning women’s rights/feminist movement had gone stale. This was due to women being rather tired of the misandrist dogma: e.g. “sex with men/marriage, is sleeping with the enemy.” Erin Pizzey goes on to explain that feminism hijacked domestic violence, much like a parasite attaches to a host for sustenance. Gay writer John Lauritsen has voiced similar opinions liking radical feminism to invading gay liberation.



Feminism and its dwindling firebrand of identity politics seeks to dismantle gender and sexuality entirely. But why? Because with a spectrum of both of those things, no one will be quite straight, or quite male and as for gay men? Well, feminists have no sexual bargaining chip with gay men. Their independence from overarching female influence is quite daunting, so they are a threat, one in which they have employed: “keep your friends close and your enemies even closer,” as a mantra.


One Comment

  • Boaty Mcboatface says:

    The mem is out of the bag women are leaving the Fem ship in droves as they understand that feminism is repellent to a man, also how they have miss-treated everyone that is not in lock step with them is driving people away even further.

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