Whether America knows it or not, we are a country that is ready to explode. 

 The American powder keg Powder Keg The long summer of political stability is coming to an end.  We do not yet understand our country.  The fullness of the long simmering rage within the working class communities of all races is not even scratched at by the mainstream culture. What on earth do working class people have invested in this system?

With few distinctions on economic policy in either party, working class Americans are presented with no real choice in the matter.  Whether you vote for Republicans or Democrats, the United States is going to continue to be a client state of multinational corporations and international banks.

As the Daily Shoah quotes the brilliant Kevin MacDonald as saying, “America isn’t a country, it’s a place to shop.”  This lack of national identity, this nihilistic mass culture will only breed further and further political radicalism.  Why do you think that a term like “racism” has lost so much power, so quickly?

It is because the institutions that have made that word, that accusation, so potent have fallen into disrepair.  And there is also the matter that concern over broad moral principles is a product of social and economic comfort.  These institutions and this social comfort, however much I hate their effects upon European people, they have been the institutions and social factors that have kept the United States of America together as a country and now they are falling apart.  But that isn’t even the start of it?

Over 150 million guns, 4 or 5 large ethnic groups in the United States (whose interests are often diametrically opposed), no national culture, no political center (or at least no widely appealing one), widespread apathy (which means that the radicals dictate the agenda), and a mass, wealth gap accompanied with the oppression and exploitation directed by foreign corporations and international banks.

That is by definition, a powder keg.  Now, I guarantee you that, for most of you reading this, if I replaced the country name and said that I was describing some country in the Middle East or Africa or Asia, then the piece I am writing would be absolutely uncontroversial.

Because the factors that I have just described are universally understood as being the factors that are necessary for political instability and the overturning of the government or social order of a country.

What makes America so different?  Perhaps the magic soil that turns Latinos into Americans as soon as they cross the border, also makes America immune to material realities and institutional pressures.

We are not “all Americans”.  That phrase means nothing to young people.  The idea that a hollow, vapid Americanism with big American flags, fireworks, and black people raping about the Founding Fathers will do anything to make Americans feel like we are all just Americans, is absurd.

What do the Founding Fathers mean to Latinos?


What do our other founding myths mean to those who are not from Europe?


What do the Pilgrims or the Puritans mean to Asian immigrants?


What do the Great Awakening or the Enlightenment fueled American Revolution mean to African or Middle Eastern immigrants?  Nothing.  Now, when these groups make up one percent of the population or five percent of the population then it doesn’t really matter that much because the majority culture still has full control.

But what about when those groups, combined, start making up forty, fifty, or sixty percent of the population?  When the the people who created our country and its culture become a minority, what right do we have to dictate terms then?

What right do we have to say that it is going to be traditional American culture, English settler culture, that is to be the predominate culture?  What right will we have to use our own language or celebrate our own holidays?  Once the residue of traditional, white America fades, then there is only conflict and competition.

Conflict over whose language will be spoken, conflict over whose holidays will be celebrated, conflict over whose heroes to celebrate, conflict and violence.  The dictator of American culture will have been toppled and what will follow will be tribal warfare.

fracturedamerica The American powder keg Image result for fractured America

The working class have nothing invested in the current political system, American whites have nothing invested in the current political system, American blacks certainly have nothing invested in the current political system, and immigrants of all kinds have particular allegiance to the American political system whatsoever.

The only people who truly have an interest in this system are the rich elite and the governmental elite, which are often the same thing.  But elites, are rather few in numbers.  As the High Sparrow says in Game of Thrones “You are the few, we are the many and when the many stop fearing the few…”

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