Being unpatriotic doesn’t mean you don’t own an American flag but rather you seek and desire the destruction of your own nation and culture, it’s the ultimate form of treason. Before you think this is some “conspiracy theory,” the collaborators are not hidden, they are hiding in plain sight as in the case reported by CNN a school in California banned American flag shirts and apparel on Cinco de Mayo day. That’s correct in the USA, American citizens cannot display American pride because it’s a foreign holiday, and to make matters worse an American Appeals court upheld the schools decision. Here’s an excerpt from the CNN article:

“According to court documents, the incident occurred amid “ongoing racial tension and gang violence within the school, and after a near-violent altercation had erupted during the prior Cinco de Mayo over the display of an American flag.”

The previous year, court documents said, a group of students carrying a Mexican flag had clashed with students who hung an American flag from a tree and chanted “USA” on Cinco de Mayo, a holiday marking a famous Mexican military battle that is often celebrated in the United States.

In 2010, the appeals court said, “threats issued in the aftermath of the incident were so real that the parents of the students involved in the suit kept them home from school two days later.” CNN first learned of the court’s ruling on Twitter. (Italics added)

I’m speechless, where do I begin with this? First displaying the American flag is equated with racial tension and gang activity. If there was racial tension it was from the Hispanic students, which I suspect CNN conveniently left that part out of their article by implying the burden of racism was solely on the part of the white or non-Hispanic students.

Secondly, why is an American school allowing kids to celebrate a foreign holiday as well as allowing the Hispanic students to have their foreign celebration be held as supreme over the American flag and culture, this being condoned by the school system and the court system.

Lastly about this CNN report, if CNN was to correctly report this story it would sound something like this, “Hispanic thugs won a major victory in appeals court by getting the court to agree that the USA flag is inferior, racist, and should be taken down to celebrate the holiday of the conquering crusaders.”

If you believe this was just an isolated incident and this happened out west, after all everyone knows California to be the Mecca of weirdness and everything perverted, but let’s take the case in Tennessee into account in 2015, apart of the Bible belt where there’s supposed to be a love for God and country instead as reported by WPXI and relayed by a Tennessee school district in an effort not to offend “minorities” they ban all flags including the American flag. Here is the link.

I could post link after link all saying the same thing the enemies of American culture and the nation itself has found traitors and sympathizers to help tear down the USA one flag at a time, having the media report that only racists wave and love the American flag and if they can convince enough Americans of this then they can move on to bigger and worse things.

Being unpatriotic is a mental disorder, this type of mental disorder is no different to others, such as; cutting yourself, starving yourself, or suicide itself. It all involves inflicting self-harm and working against your own self-interest. To ban and get rid of the USA flag and ban everything American while evaluating everything foreign. Promote: foreign holidays, foreign flags, foreign religion (Islam), and everything Christian and American is racist, fascist, and the ultimate insult being “non-inclusive.”


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