A Poem: The Outrage Era

By January 9, 2017 One Comment

It might just be me, but when did making fun of people become an irreparable offense?

To be clear, if you do make fun of people, people will hate you. Unless it’s funny. Then people don’t care.

Although we enjoy crossing the line between what’s right and wrong, we do it because of how wrong it is!

That’s the most common blunder for those with no sense of humor. They legitimately believe everything they hear.

Isn’t that sad?

As you gaze around, you’ll notice that people aren’t making jokes anymore.

That childish gleam in others eyes is all but extinguished. All that’s left are the burnt ashes of dissatisfaction.

Isn’t it ironic?

We live in the most connected society ever. The arsenal of words and norms we’ve become accustomed with are being outsourced by emojis.

Language has become more watered down than cheap vodka.

Suddenly, we’re forced to adjust our speech as to not to step on a land-mine.

I don’t blame modern society for this change.

I don’t blame Feminism, PC Culture, or anything else the right rushes to wave the finger at.

I blame the amplified ego and unearned sense of importance.

I feel that because we live in a society with no tangible danger, we’re forced to fall back on faux outrage.

Sometimes, people need to be told ‘no’!

Loud and clear.

For their own sake.

And for ours.


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