This is an open message to Justice Democrats and their leaders Kyle Kulinski, and Cenk Ugyr.

Justice Democrats is a newly formed coalition within the Democratic Party whose primary goal is to remove the influence of corporations, banks and Wall Street from Democratic political Candidates. This is an incredibly important action as corporate money has been destroying our democratic process and corrupted politicians.

It is especially egregious that the “left-wing” Democratic Party which claims to be for the people and against the establishment is taking corporate money and enacting laws that favor the rich over the poor. Donald Trump’s election proves that people do not want a neoliberal Democrat who takes money from Wall Street and supports free trade deals. In order for the Democratic Party and the American Left-Wing to survive, they must stop their strategy.

Now a little background on myself; I am a gender egalitarian. I believe that sexism exists and should be fought against. I also consider myself to be a men’s rights activist because I view men have more problems in the western world, and that these problems are often ignored or denied by society. I am trying to start a Men’s Rights Organization in my state with several other people, which I hope is successful.

In a follow up video, Kyle stated that he added a section for women’s issues to the Platform after much requesting. I don’t take too much issue with the section- it mostly details abortion and reproductive rights which I fully support. They also support the Paycheck Fairness Act which I am more ambivalent on. I don’t think the gender wage gap is a widespread problem, but there are probably individual cases of discrimination that don’t get solved, but I’ll have to take a closer look at the act to see what it entails and if it will actually help.

I am here to request you to add a section for Men’s Rights on your platform. Not only to be balanced on the issue of Gender Equality, but also because Left-wingers of all people should be concerned with men’s issues.

Take the prison sentencing gap for example. You mentioned that we needed to fix the criminal justice system and stop mass incarceration. Well perhaps a good way to do that is to fix the fact that men get a 60% higher prison sentence for doing the same crime and having the same background as a female criminal. We always hear leftists talk about black people getting a higher prison sentence than whites; well the gender prison sentencing gap is six times greater than the racial sentencing gap.

Another issue is on the topic of rape and domestic violence. There are over 1500 domestic violence shelters for women in the country, but only one domestic violence shelter for men. Now we can’t be 100% sure what the statistics are for men who are victims of Domestic Violence because many men don’t report it, but some place it as high as 40%.

Men who are abused by their significant other often don’t have a place to turn to as Domestic Violence Shelters only accept women, and police officers are trained per the Duluth Model to see men as abusers even when they are victims. Male victims of Rape are also discriminated against- the FBI’s definition of rape only includes forceful penetration. This means if a woman forces a man to stick his penis in her vagina, it isn’t counted as rape, even this situation is as common as men raping women.

Male Reproductive Rights are non-existent as well. A judge can order a man against his will to take a paternity test if he is suspected of being the father of a child, and force him to pay child support even if he never wanted it. Women have the option of getting an abortion or utilizing baby Moses laws to drop the infant at a fire station, no question asked. Meanwhile if a man doesn’t want to be a father, the only response he gets is to “keep it in his pants”. It sounds really similar to the Anti-Abortion activists doesn’t it? Legal Paternal Surrender should be something every Leftist supports.

I could go on and on about more men’s issues that can be discussed; there is a White House council on Women and Girls, but no White House Council on men and boys, divorce courts ruin men and often drive them to suicide, even though men are a minority of college students the majority of scholarships are for women, and mutilating the genitals of infant boys is completely legal. The most important first step is to acknowledge that men have many problems caused by sexism. You cannot fix gender equality by just looking at half of the problem.

I strongly urge Justice Democrats to add a section on Men’s Rights onto their platform with a brief description of issues Men have to face. You will have my utmost support and the support of thousands of Gender Egalitarians across the country.

Please send this article to Kyle Kulinski, Cenk Ugyr, and Justice Democrats or email that at to see whether they’ll care about Men’s Rights.