Render unto Caesar

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“It’s a religion of peace!” we hear, like clockwork every time a Muslim peacefully relieves someone from the burden of being alive.  It’s ’embrace diversity!’ When demographic shifts alter the character of streets, neighborhoods or entire towns. This belief has not only brought down entire countries abroad through Western intervention, but now threatens Western society as a whole with large scale immigration from the very regions that we’ve destabilized from it.

 Render unto Caesar fobia

We can no longer outright say our culture, society, way of life or even our people, are in any way superior to any others that have existed.  At most, we should passively aggressively imply it is through some sort of virtue signaling.  Some on the Left would even like to contend that we are inferior in every way, our prosperity being the result of exploitation in general, and on an individual level, privilege.  Female Genital Mutilation? That’s just an expression of their culture, you bigot, now let me literally shit on your flag.

 Render unto Caesar Poop on flag challenge.jpg

Despite this contradiction,  Liberals have assumed that our vaguely atheist, sexually ‘liberated’, decadent and secular democracy with a powerful Hollywood ‘non-culture’ is the end of the line. It’s the destination that all peoples, in all places at all times were somehow on the path towards; we just happened to stumbled upon it first.  My one begrudging concession made to Bush Jr. was his assertion that ‘Islamo-Fascism’ (an inaccurate, nebulous term) was indeed the enemy, and in light of 9/11 a dangerous enemy that needed eradicated and their overall mission destabilized. Ushering us 15 years later into a world where Islamic Fundamentalism is more powerful than ever.

The new Liberal Establishment  doesn’t see Islamic Fundamentalism as an enemy and especially not a religiously motivated one.  In the typical leftist fashion, socioeconomic injustices caused by colonialism or somehow, Islamophobia are the main causes of violence perpetrated by these “temporarily embarrassed liberals”.  Instead of bombing people with an utterly incompatible worldview into accepting ours, the Left has instead invited millions of Muslims into Europe and North America in an a display of compassion and human rights for refugees.

The media propaganda is meant to tug the heart-strings of women and weak men everywhere into accepting not just actual war-refugees escaping Islamic persecution, but of mostly young, illiterate men from far from Syria.  These economic migrants have been whipped into a frenzied search for their own El Dorado. Where housing, money and the very real prospect of getting your very own blonde girl are the prizes for the long, often dangerous, journey.

But these migrants don’t really seem interested in the liberal democracy part of the deal.  And are certainly not in it for the safety.  Most migrants pass through half a dozen war-free zones. And it’s just a total coincidence that these countries don’t happen to have very generous welfare packages.

Instead, they’re grabbing axes and murdering people on trains.  They’re assaulting women en-masse.  They’re driving rigs through crowds of people.  They are utterly rejecting the Western culture while leeching from the prosperity of the decadent West.  Most importantly, they are initiating demographic changes that Europe may never, ever, recover from.

 Render unto Caesar map death for apostasy in islam poll.png

What the Left fails to realize, however, is the extent that the Islamic religious worldview informs their lives; Islam isn’t practiced in a mosque on Sundays between 9 and 10:30am followed by a fun brunch and mimosas, but a holistic political ideology that dictates how entire societies should function.


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