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Sorry Ladies..I think You’ve Lost the Plot

By January 26, 2017 4 Comments

Like everyone, I saw the images in the media and online of the huge crowds of women in pink hats who turned out in cities around the globe for last weekend’s ‘Women’s March’. But unlike seemingly everyone else, I didn’t feel like I was witnessing some inspiring defiance of an existential threat to human rights. Or a spontaneous expression of solidarity with some meaningful and just cause.

aerial photos show the contrast between crowds at trumps inauguration and the womens march 300x150 Sorry Ladies..I think You’ve Lost the Plot

So what is really happening here?

To my mind, over the past 10 to 12 months I’ve watched a narrative being cunningly constructed and promoted by political and media elites invested in particular social and political agendas. Now it seems to me I’m witnessing the efforts of those powerful vested interests bearing fruit.

They are responding to a program of propaganda exactly the way the authors of that program intended.

As it seems to be the case, with so many of these collective displays of ‘progressive’-Left dissatisfaction and outrage, no one seems able to articulate anything specific that the protests are supposedly about… let alone what they are meant to accomplish.

“It’s about women’s rights!”

Okay. Could you be more specific? What is it about ‘women’s rights’ that has changed so dramatically in the last few days that warrants such histrionics and extraordinary expressions of outrage?


“It’s about solidarity!”

Okay. Solidarity with whom over what?


Where normally you would expect to find specifics and facts… all you get are vague allusions to some looming, present or past social-justice catastrophe and a rather self-indulgent and frankly adolescent emotionalism.

The thing is, it is precisely this indistinct and incoherent grasp of their own motivations that you would expect from people who had allowed themselves to be swept up in a program of group-think manufactured by external sources and designed to activate their egos and emotional reactivity – not engage their intellect and reason.

Ultimately, I don’t believe anyone directly or indirectly partaking in this event is acting out of a genuine concern for the greater good or a commitment to admirable principles. The payoff for these individuals is not the elevation of truth… it is the ego expansion people experience when they divest themselves of their individuality in favor of the collective identity of a mob. The ‘greater purpose’ of the collective is far more gratifying than the seemingly mundane, ineffectual and resentful experience of the individual.

And I suspect that resentment and a reflex for shifting responsibility for their personal grievances and dissatisfaction from themselves to others is a significant, if unacknowledged, motivating factor behind much of the mania.

The fact that this character flaw can be manipulated by the media and the political establishment – and on such a grand scale – is about as far away from ‘inspiring’, ’empowering’ and admirable as you can get.

Going to Getugly

Going to Getugly

Enough is enough! It’s time for thinking people to take back control from the weak minded, the emotionally self-indulgent, the intellectually immature and the completely nuts. It’s time for those who value reason, rationality, objectivity, critical thinking – and who are capable of genuine self-reflection and self-awareness - to reimpose control of the situation before it is too late. That is… if it’s not too late already.


  • Deplorable Enzeee says:

    Finally someone else said it. I seem to be the only one in any of my college classes that actually doesn’t fall to the illusion of collectivism. Just state that you don’t agree with BlackLivesMatter or the March for Women and you’ll notice how much resentment you stir. Good thing that I don’t seem to give a single crap about what they think.

    Very fun read and interesting as well! Have you thought of expanding onto the idea of echo chambers and their effects on people?

  • Carolyn says:

    You are right about the vagueness of the march. I was down in DC last week and saw a bit of the march. I was astonished by how many women and girls actually wore those hats!! I mean, I have the sense of a humor of a 12 year old boy, but I can’t imagine putting something like that on. This is a real female/societal nadir. Besides that, it’s true- all of the “protest” signs they held were for things that every single American female already has- like Equality, Rights, Abortions, Girl Power and Donald Trump not grabbing their privvies.

    Aside from this I have to say that the Muslim patina to the event really creeped me out. I thought I was as multi-culti as they come but something about seeing the image of the Muslim lady with the American flag as a scarf on her head on the side of a van in the U.S. capitol on Inauguration Day was really unsettling. A). My military veteran grandfathers are probably turning over in their graves knowing that the American flag was used as a fashion accessory. I hate to play the native card, but if you grow up in a patriotic household (which used to be just a REGULAR household) you know that that is NOT what a flag is for. B) She was glib and trying to define the nation in HER image according to HER customs. Fine, she can wear a scarf on her head- it’s a free country- but she should try not to crap on the dear customs of the nation that took her in. That peak into a possible future with loud cries of Allah Akbar over the loudspeakers in a city named after George frigging’ Washington basically explains why Trump won. He should save that footage for his re-election campaign and use it as a commercial.

    Beyond that- why is no one mentioning that these girls who organized the protests are proteges of Al Sharpton– the notorious rape hoaxer, race pimp & MAJOR tax dodger?

  • Politically Unreliable says:

    I wish people would take a step back and realize that this isn’t a “point” to be focused on. This is a wider push. We are actually watching a series of “hail Mary” offensives with one goal. This is about the total destabilization of our overall social structures via culture and economy. This is constant agitation (Rules for Radicals) manipulating the target into tearing itself down to more manageable levels (The Prince). The West hates its self. It’s become too comfortable and has turned inward with the belief that it is the worst enemy. Primarily the women, and more generally feminine empathy, is the tool being used. That being said, powerful men can’t figure our when to stop pushing and this is a direct result of everyone thinking in micro terms – “muh power”, “muh profits”, “muh convenience”, “muh little perspective”.
    This has to, and will, get worse before anything really changes for a better and more socially sustainable future. The ostriches around us will push this into the future (re: ignore), instead of making tough choices now. All of my friends and family aren’t willing, or able, to even put this perspective into their heads. No one wants to hear it.

    Edit: I know BPS has said some similar stuff. With a bit of reading, one can see for themselves that this isn’t coming from the ether. And he isn’t just a “full-of-it”, right-wing shill. Well, okay, maybe he is a shill, but he doesn’t seem to be incorrect.

  • spartacus says:

    just a lot more “bimbos” with out a clue

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