Since the election of Trump a sense of hope as overcome many on the right. At least it has for those who oppose Islam, Multiculturalism, Globalism or Progressivism. However, despite this perception of triumph our eyes must remove the fog of emotion.

It has become clear that those who oppose Trump tag him of Populist just to demonize him and his supporters. The same is done to the Nationalistic Right of Europe. But, even if these claims are hypocritical, they are not wrong. Trump, Le Pen, Wilders; they are indeed Populists and they are indeed a danger to democracry.

Let me explain. I am not saying that their policies are bad, on the contrary, theirs are the policies that I support. Nonetheless, it must be understood that they are Populists. But so are those on the left.

Populism is a form of Demagoguery, which is detrimental to Democracy and leads to its degeneration into Despotism. But this is a natural phenomenon in any Democracy, it will always degrade itself into mob rule.

Thus, Trump and the Nationalist candidates of Europe must be seen for what they really are: Demagogues and rabble-rousers. And, as I said, even if their policies are right and good for their nations, their political nature is an evil in itself. They can be interpreted as a dice roll, as if we had rolled two sixes.

But the destiny of our Nations, our Republics, must not be left to chance. What kind of irresponsibility is this?!

In short, what must be acknowledged is the nature of these politicians. The general perception the public has on them is that of saviours. The speech they use is emotional and appealing. This undermines the values for which they stand and reduce them to a mere personality.

To reduce the value of the Nation (its people; its culture) to another mainstream trend, dooms it to failure. It is not because Nationalism is popular that it is good. If anything, what is popular should show that which is vulgar and irrational.

What is it that I am advocating for then?

National Sovereignty. The fact that the only kind of politicians that can exist today are Populists, is a sign that the people have lost their sovereignty. This is a symptom of having too much Democracy, but I have explained that elsewhere.

The moment the people place their hopes on single individuals is the moment when Democracy has run its course.

It is a matter of perception. The average voter today, regardless of its political inclinations, will support a candidate based on appeal, on impression. It is not because the voter had a political position that he choose a candidate but because the candidate appealed to him that he has a political position. This is true in the general sense.

If the Nation was sovereign the nation would mold its politicians, not the other way around.

It may seem contradictory to say that a Democracy eliminates our National Sovereignty, but “Democracy” only denotes the source of power, not the aim of it. The aim of a Nation is to continue its existence, its safety, and its Liberty. That is the purpose of Nationalism: the preservation of itself.

Thus we must comprehend that the National Sovereignty of a country is separate from Democracy and, by extent, from the Populist representatives that may seek to promote it. It is an Independent concept. The preservation of our Nations and our Republics is our responsibility and ours alone. To place it in the hands of others is to leave our Sovereignty, our Liberty, to chance!