After Misfortune sadistically smiled on us, this weeks guest stepped in last minute and saved the day.

Pascal Roggen is a professional musician whose first international tour at age 7 around Asia saw him witness the historic Tiananmen Square Massacre. Going on to graduate with a Masters Degree in Jazz from the prestigious Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London, Pascal has seen career highlights such as being invited to perform at the BAFTA awards ceremony in London, playing in the Sydney Opera House as well as being in many bands that have headlined major international music festivals.

In the interview we talk about hard work and sacrifice, the tides of fortune, music bands as teams… OK I will level with you, we got majority sidetracked with all the fun we had with this one but we hope it imparts how lifelong dedication and study is needed to become a Master at something, and how that leads to awesome achievement after awesome achievement.

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