There are several definitions for the word Liberal. The three that are relevant to this discussion are 1) not bound in an objective manner; open to interpretation, 2) broad and unfocused, and 3) supportive of individual freedom. The first refers to vegetarians who eat fish and eggs or reading the Second Amendment as a hunting permit. The second describes my undergraduate program in the arts and sciences. The last refers to what “Liberals” fervently oppose.

Classical Liberalism (or simply Liberalism) is the belief that individual men should be free. There are no qualifiers such as socially or economically, and there are no conditions such as unless you are a white male or depending on how much money you have. If you are a Liberal, you must support man’s right to govern himself. This is why no Liberal can support drug prohibition, limitations on free speech, or the reporting of controversial facts and theories. In an economic sense, a Liberal cannot support minimum wage laws, government-run education, or Socialized industry.

I propose that Libertarians and the like reclaim the word Liberal for themselves. There is no freedom without the right to own private property and exchange it voluntarily, so “Liberals” are not Liberal at all.

Once Libertarians have reclaimed their rightful title, we can begin to call “Liberals” what they truly are: Leftist Authoritarians.


I’m living a Progressive lifestyle. I am working hard, furthering my education, setting goals, and enhancing my personal development. It’s not easy, but I am making progress. I understand that I can’t earn everything I want at once, and that I have to sacrifice to succeed. This is perfectly in line with the basic definition of Progressive: happening or developing gradually or in stages; proceeding step by step. There are no free lunches, but I can strive closer to the picnic baskets I yearn for a little bit each day.

To call a “Progressive” Progressive is nonsensical. Think of the ransom demanded by “Progressive” former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders:

  • Debt-free education
  • Single-payer healthcare
  • Equal pay for equal work
  • $15 minimum wage
  • Reversal of Climate Change
  • Higher taxes to redistribute wealth

These policies are not Progressive. These policies correspond with the 21st Century desire for instant gratification.

Instead of progressively improving their lot in life in order to make sure their children start life better off than they did, “Progressives” want other people’s money, other people’s services, restrictions on practices they disagree with, and a carefree life without putting any skin in the game themselves.

These intentions fly in the face of the contemporary state of humanity in which crime is progressively declining, wealth is progressively improving, poverty is progressively vanishing, diseases are progressively being cured, hunger is progressively being satisfied, and technology is progressively becoming more advanced.

We need to reclaim the word Progressive as a modifier to describe goal-orientated individuals who want to improve their lives, the lives of their families, and the lives of the people around them through hard work and sound decision making over time. As for a new word to describe “Progressives”? How about Immediatarians?


To be Free is to be unforced. To be Free is to be permitted to make choices, both good and bad. To be Free is to be allowed to suffer the consequences of your actions. To be Free is to believe what you wish to believe, and to say what you wish to say.

To many, “Free” means given or available without charge. While this is certainly one proper dictionary-definition of Free, it is not what our founders were talking about when they ratified our Constitution, and it is not what William Wallace cried out at the end of Braveheart.

“Free” healthcare, “Free” education, “Free” housing, “Free” food, and “Free” paychecks are not only antithetical to the spirit of civilized society, they don’t even follow the dictionary definition. Who pays for the “Free” education? Who bears the cost of “Free” housing and food? Does no one lose something to provide “Free” medical care?

That the recipient of a good or service offers nothing in return does not mean it is Free. Someone has to build, someone has to design, someone has to transport, someone has to harvest resources, and someone has to pay.

“Free” stuff is not only a lie, it is anti-free. It is the initiation of force and coercion. Those among us who want everything for “Free” do not want anyone to be Free. They want Slave Labor.


The dictionary definition of Equality is simple: the state of being equal, especially in status, rights, and opportunities. While Americans took far too long to realize that slavery and Jim Crow Laws are incompatible with Equality, our country was founded on the principle that all men are created Equal. This means that no matter who you are, where you were born, or what you currently possess, the laws of the United States Constitution and our self-evident, God-given rights apply and exist in the same way. The peasant goes to jail for murder and so does the aristocrat.

Some have redefined Equality to mean something terribly different. Now, many believe that hurting one to assist another is an exercise in establishing “Equality”. “Equality”, in their eyes, is not fair treatment under the law or equal rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Instead, “Equality” is an arbitrarily or democratically determined state of society in which different people are willfully and forcefully held to unequal standards and subject to unequal treatment.

“Equality” to some is permitting ill-prepared students to attend and flunk out of Ivy League Schools because of skin color. “Equality” is to pay workers the same amounts of money for different amounts of work. “Equality” is to prohibit the words of some because they hurt the feelings of others, but not the other way around. “Equality” is to insist upon obeying the demands of the majority when they suit the arbiter’s ideals, but to ignore the majority when they don’t.

Those who feel that this interpretation of Equality is accurate do not want Equality at all. They want Marxism.


Diversity is the dream of the free man. The free man wants to choose his religion, his words, his reading material, and how to spend his money, and wants as many options to choose from as possible. The free man is tolerant of Diverse views that differ from his own, and demands the right to view the world his way and to condemn the views he disagrees with. The free man does not wish to be told what to buy, and is happiest when Diverse products and services, such as healthcare packagesschool curricula, and spray deodorant, are available to choose from.

Diversity is a range of different things.

Today, many call “Diversity” a range of pigments, eroticism, genitalia, and other irrelevant, personal discrepancies.

“Diversity” is not Diversity. It’s Objectification.