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The President of the United States has just declared that we still have much work to do on an issue of importance in this country.  Work on what exactly?  The threat of anti-Semitism. Bomb threats have been called into thousands, probably millions at this point, of Jewish Centers across America. Oh and grave stones were toppled at a few Jewish cemeteries.  The response from the media, especially the liberal press, has been absolutely hysteria, with NPR calling it “terrorism”.

Why is it that there has been this much of a hysterical response to minor inconveniences to the lives of Jews? Well, think about the position of Jews in the United States after World War II. They had basically unchallenged dominance over American culture (they controlled the major movie studios and television companies), they controlled much American academia, they controlled the frame acceptable opinion within American politics, they had a great deal of influence in the banking sector, and were beginning to have influence in the military establishment.

It has not been acceptable to even mention Jewish influence in America because of the power they accumulated. It is the one topic that has been simply unmentionable. In the post-war world, Jewish identity has been the playing board upon which American life and politics have been played out. What is and is not acceptable to Jews ,as a group, have been the boundaries of your politics. To be honest, they rightly thought that they ran the show and that their control of the playing field was the one issue that was not up for debate.

liberals claim to give a hearing to other views Anti Semitism #ALT

We saw a similar “anti-Semitism is on the rise” hysteria during the Trump campaign. Jews were freaking out left and right during the Trump campaign. Trump tweets out something that looks like a Jewish star next to Hillary Clinton’s picture and it is a major national news story for weeks, with the press talking about anti-Semitism in the Trump campaign. This level of panic over someone who we know is not anti-Semitic, can only be explained by the fact that Jews aren’t used to their identity and influence on politics being mentioned at all and the fear that if any discussion of their influence is allowed ,then it will open the flood gates of criticism.  And that open criticism of Jewish behavior will lead to another Holocaust.

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This is why the issue of “anti-Semitism” is going to be a constant media story. Because, one, there are a lot of Jews in the mainstream media and two, every slight mention of Jews or Jewish influence or any perceived or real attack on Jews gets amplified to one hundred because of the fear that allowing any of it will lead to concentration camps. But the ironic thing is that this constant freak out and focusing on minor things happening to Jews, will only accelerate what they are trying to stop.  Because it actually focuses more attention on the influence that Jews have in the media.

Now, I don’t want to be naive, as Western countries get less and less white, Jews will increasingly come under scrutiny. Because Jews will be rightly blamed for playing a major part in bringing in the masses of Third World immigrants and people will begin to hate Jews.  But the media is going to act as an amplifier effect for this hatred. It has already had such an effect.  After all, would millions of Americans have heard about the Alt Right or Richard Spencer if not for the media?  No.

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Anti-Semitism is no national crisis.  If the rape of thousands white children in Great Britain by the immigrants that Jews helped to bring in, was not a crisis for Jews, then the inconveniencing of Jewish children will not be a crisis for me or my nation.


  • Le.Maudit.Juif says:

    I see a lot of people claiming that Jews are the cause of immigration. What is the source for this?

    • RedRockRun says:

      There is no source. It’s a bunch of nazi-larpers and crusader-larpers who are parroting medieval jewish bogeyman stories. Also there aren’t many jews, and jews aren’t known for fighting back, so they’re a nice time-honored scapegoat. The only difference today is that jews are being blamed for different problems instead of christians in the middle ages blaming them for things based on religious differences.

      • Erohiel says:

        Actually if you look up the Rothschilds, the Soroses, and/or the Rockerfellers you’ll see that the Jews are not as innocent as you claim.

        • RedRockRun says:

          The ROCKEFELLERS aren’t Jews
          Also the last time I checked George Soros isn’t a King Jew who telepathically controls every Jew in the world like a Jew hivemind.

          • ברזל says:

            Most Jews have no idea who Barbara Spectre Lerner is. She is not the queen of the Jews, she is irrelevant outside of her posh circle. George Soros is not the king of the Jews, and certainly no Zionist, as he has financed subversive movements in Israel. Israeli right-wingers, despise him.

  • Jack Django says:

    I feel that bomb threats and the desecration of graves are more than a minor inconvenience, but one that should be discussed alongside the issues of immigration and the crime that it has brought with it.

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